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ONLINE IO When people hear about ” Blockchain”, they think of the Bitcoin, cryptocurrency the world’s first, which aims to transform the global economy. However, Blockchain, the underlying technology Bitcoin ready to interfere with other sectors as well. Started years ago there was a big hype around technology stacks Blockchain and especially the Ethereum-based start-up that developed to have an impact on the more general area of our daily routine and not just the banking and finance sector (where the pay the fees of the provider no longer needed). Blockchain technology started to be used for activities such as shopping, online market, pay your dream home, car, holidays, etc.

The advertising industry is another sector that will be recreated by Blockchain technology, which according to market experts can become the most innovative changes in the industry since the advent of smartphones and social media.

Consider that more than 40% of the world’s population has Internet access, advertising business enjoyed a large data source, and in the last few years, their focus is on large data. However, the ability of a growing and changing regulatory prospects will affect the way advertisers connect and engage customers in the near future.

The latest studies concerning user experience with digital ad revealed that a growing number of consumers who seem to consistently not satisfied with digital ads because of three main reasons: security, privacy, and oppose interference from ad formats that is disturbing.

Introducing Online.Io implement decentralized ecosystem incorporates all the necessary features to browse the Internet faster, safer, and more personal. In addition, through the platform developed using state-of-Blockchain technology, internet users, and website operators will get the same benefits.

An enhanced Online experience for Internet users. Digital advertising means passing the time loading web pages faster and more enjoyable browsing experience due to the Elimination of the annoying ad formats. According to the survey, 91% 2016 consumers appreciate that digital advertising more annoying than two years ago, while 81% of them stated that they had shut down the browser or out of a web page because of the pop-up ads.

Also, offers the consumer data protection is enhanced in advance because additional security Blockchain technology that will eliminate the demographic and behavioral profile of the collected and used without prior approval in the past. Because internet users can rate each website in accordance with their experience, this will lead to the creation of trusted website rankings.

The Main Features Of Online.Io
Without Advertising
At the moment, web users pay for surfing the internet, either through subscriptions or through less transparent costs, such as digital advertising. In our imagined environments, web users will enjoy free Internet advertising, while web operators will still benefit from the financial reward.

Without Tracking
In societies that are interconnected today, the company adopted the practice of tracking online behavior profiles and less transparent. A highly sensitive information, such as financial and health records are often collected, giving rise to a great many privacy concerns. Our solutions combine the tracking script blocking would be very annoying ability to continue tracking in real-time user activity.

Antivirus Protection
The massive expansion of the Internet and high connectivity level causing an increase in similar or even more dramatic in cyber attacks aimed at collecting sensitive information and confidential. ONLINE IO  One of the most prominent ways to conduct cyber attacks is through a website that is infected with a malware script usually contains hidden. Our solutions will protect end users use anti-malware scripts and special ad blocking that will protect their personal data and improve their security.

Browse Faster
People realize that online advertising is slowing down the pace of their exploration, the more users who use the ad blocker to navigate the internet more quickly. Through our solutions, end users will benefit from the effects of using an ad blocker, while also enjoying the experience more secure and private due to other features. In addition, web operators can still monetize their website content.

Browser Extensions
Our solution comes with the extension to all major desktop and mobile browsers and includes the ad blocker, tracking script blocker, anti-malware, and web wallets. In the above, we will integrate a voting system that would help regulate the internet.

Mobile Apps
Our mobile application will function as a wallet, ad blocker, tracking script blocker and anti-malware. Mobile applications will also contain performance-enhancing and battery time that will further enhance the experience of exploring.

Ethereum Based
Our solutions use the standard ERC20 token from Ethereum platform that ensures full transparency and accountability, which means that all transactions will be visible in the public BlockChain.

Our wallet will function on all major operating systems and browsers. Phones and tablets will have a single application for the wallet, the ad blocker, anti-malware, tracking scripts, and desktop operating systems will also have a special application of wallet.

Traders will be able to receive payment via crypto our system using our API or a previously created module for software solutions the most popular e-commerce like OpenCart, PrestaShop, Shopify, Magento and etc.

Our website will have a complete section dedicated to finding all the places where you can buy using the merchant’s system developed at home. In addition, the market will contain detailed information on how other traders are able to integrate our merchant system. Information about the Group’s international partners will also be available.

Token OIO
Token Online (OIO) is created once and sold at the Event Token generation. From the maximum number of tokens produced, 15% of the OIO will be stored for one year by the company and will not be available for sale during that time. After the event the Token Generation, OIO token will be available at the various exchanges.
The purpose of the token OIO is to bootstrap development platform Token OIO will also serve as proof of ownership and produce Token ICE, 20% of all ICE produced Tokens will be distributed to the holders of the OIO token store token on their wallets. Operators of websites that implement solution must have the token OIO to accept token ICE based on time spent by their visitors on their web pages. OIO token required to manage websites will be stored on smart contracts Ethereum.

Details Of The Sale Of Tokens
Schedule Token Sales 10-31 July 2018
The Purchase Token Ethereum
The price of a Token 1 OIO = $0.04
Bonus 5%-25%
The total supply of 2.5 billion Token OIO

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