ONe Social Network – ONe Network uses the latest in Blockchain and Dapp Technology

ONe Social Network  – Today I want to talk to you about social networks on the blockchain platform. If you look at my blog, you’ve probably already realized that I publish useful technology reviews and how they can solve their problems with their help as well as make money.

In the courtyard of the 21st century, we do not live in the Stone Age! This is not because the Stone Age has ended, but because our lives have included new technologies that are more and more every day of our lives. Today as you can understand very many people use social networks for different purposes.
Someone’s talking, and someone’s working. Everyone has his own. But still, regardless of what you use social networks in them, there is a decent problem that needs to be addressed. But to solve any problems you need a competent idea with a great team and professional implementation. I would like to talk about in this direction today and consider one remarkable project.

One of them is one Social Network.
Let’s analyze what is ONe Social Network? And what they eat. ONe Network is a social networking block that provides privacy and control over your own content and user data.
Every year more and more people use social networks for their needs, and this is a billion dollar market. Platform ONe will allow each user and content creator to receive rewards, buy and exchange OBT tokens directly from the platform.

ONe Network is a social network that uses blockchain technologies to provide a wide range of services that are digital and safe for users. One-the first social network, which is completely built on the blockchain. Platform ONe works as a meeting place for people, content creators, businesses, brands and groups that can meet safely and securely with each other and without losing information or sharing.

First, the ONe Social Network platform will be available to IOS users, and it is planned to release Android and web Partners in 2018. I would like to consider the main advantages of this social network from its competitors.

1. Availability of private channels for the promise as well as the public.
2. Reinforce multi purse for your currencies.
3. The most excellent feature that ensures the safety of users on the network is anonymity.
4. Huge Trading Platform!
5. Excellent data encryption.
6. Opportunity to earn on the placement of advertising.

As for the project team, it consists of serious professionals. It includes designers, developers of mobile applications, marketers, as well as consultants who know about the sphere of social networks absolutely everything!

Now I would like to talk about the ICO of this project.
Token name: OBT
Platform: Ethereum
Standard: ERC20
Total number of tokens: 250 000 000 OBT
Price per token unit: 1 OBT = 0.28 USD
Payment: ETH, BTC, LTC
Minimum sales target: 10 000 000 OBT
Maximum sales target: US $37 600 000
Sales will begin on July 16, 2018.

My opinion of ONe social Network will make a big breakthrough in the social sphere. And it will take the first place in our life! To do this, we’ll get to know more about the links below. At the same time, given the strong team of developers and consultants, the project will quickly develop and aspire to the top of this sphere. But we will not guess, but we will simply observe the development of this remarkable project. And we will follow the news accordingly.

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