ON LIVE The Market Place For Paid Advice Live Broadcasts And Computing Power

ONLIVE –  Network is live video streaming protocols that are supported by Blockchain technologies. Thanks to blockchain, this ensures full decentralization, high scalability and open market for broadcast media without censorship censored around the world. Platform OnLive revolutionize the market broadcast video and long-distance consultations. Offers scalability and availability of unlimited Blockchain and Technology that utilizes Peer-to-Peer that is completely decentralized. Anyone can contribute to the system if they have the processing power and bandwidth. Assisting a comeback for this contribution to ensure the decentralization and create a new economy that is driven by the token ONL.

The commercial success of Onlive driven mainly by the growth of new buyers and sellers. Another key performance indicators is the Cost of Customer Acquisition, the recurring cost of services and Customer Lifetime Value that can be interpreted as the value of the discount per customer.

OnLive.Tv is equipped with the tools and functions that are relevant to meet the needs of both broadcasters and viewers. Two lines of communication allows the creation of a public broadcasting, aimed at a large group of viewers, and a private one on one consultation. Each option allows authors to monetize their activity while providing high quality service to users.

OnLive Market
Global digital transformation consulting market is worth about $23 billion to consultants in the year 2016. It currently stands twice the size of the entire United Kingdom, and the consulting industry is five times the size of China’s consulting market, a report from research firm and analysts pointed out that the digital transformation of the global markets now reached 2.26 billion pounds from all over the United Kingdom consulting market worth of £7.31 billion.

Global video streaming market for live services worth $30.9 billion in 2015 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of more than 16% from the year 2017 until 2024 to reach $123.2 billion in 2024 and we will fill the gap in the form of a broadcast direct and public broadcast.
OnLive System
The announcer, Newscaster-producing and broadcast content to the network
Lite, Lite-do the task mentranskode flow into other formats.
Open Network,-everyone can join the OnLive Network and play the role they want if it meets the technical requirements and economic
The recipient, the recipient’s Watch-flowing in quality and format selected and bought direct services
Service providers,-anyone who have skills that can be sold through our system and make private deals.
The relay Node, Relay node transmits the stream to An with or without mentranskodenya.

How OnLive works
Makers or service providers make their own channel where they can sell the service directly or they can broadcast the audience much to the PPV, PPM, PPD, and other smart and signed for service transcoding and relay. Customers pay for the services that have been completed and to access to various live video broadcast.

Direct Streaming Service Market Is Open
Transcoding Marketplace is the place to put their transcoding offer Lite in Trans coding Services Marketplace. The offer determine parameters such as format they can transcode to and from the concurrent capacity, users are guaranteed to be served with the initial cost of quality Trans coding.

Live Marketplace Service
Live Services Marketplace is a place where any service provider or content creators can offer its services via online broadcasts, video and audio, while each service consumer or viewer can use it quickly by searching offer trusted specialists is ready to provide those services. This platform can be compared to a live video service online marketplace where any consumer can find specialists, talented individuals and companies that offer different types of services such as:
medical consultation,
legal consulting, other professional advisers or for example guitar lessons, both online and mobile applications.

The market allows the placement of 1 to 1 or 1 to 8 offers broadcast. Senders and recipients make the connection using the format and quality of their choice without a broadcast problem scalability and need Transcoders and Relay Nodes. This is an effective way to provide medical consultation and direct payment with online courses are integrated and easy to use.
Transaction security and Content Security
Transaction security, transactions between all parties is guaranteed by blockchain and Smart Contracts. On the last version of OnLive Network does not need the presence of a trusted authority to confirm all transactions between the parties.
Security content, content broadcast by Broadcasters are encrypted in a way that only selected Lite and the recipient has paid transmission can mendekripsikannya.

The Detail Token ONL
ONL built as a token ERC20 on blockchain Ethereal
The Token Type: Utility
Token Symbols: ONL
The maximum token supply: 111 million ONL
The token is available in Pre-ICO: 12,210,000 ONL
Tokens are available at the ICO: 61,050,000 ONL
Stamp Hard pre-ICO: 14,000 Cap ICO: 100,000 Hard ETH ETH
Pre-ICO start: 2018 – 01 – 22 11:00 UTC
Cover: 2018 – 02 – 22:-30% discount on the price of ICO Available token: 12,210,000 ONL
Start: 2018 – 03 – 11
Cover: 2018 – 04 – 11

Website : https://on.live
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