OMNITY Knowledge, Connected Unifying Knowledge For Faster Insight.

Omnity – Knowledge comes in many forms, for which several means of aggregation and have been developed. With the publication of the scrolls came the creation of libraries for their storage, one of the more ancient examples is the Alexandria Library based on scrolls in ancient Egypt. Even with protection, access to knowledge is an ever-increasing problem. In the era of Alexandria and Bodleian libraries, access to knowledge was limited to literacy and physical intimacy. In the area of European education, literacy is a limiting factor, and academic institutions are expanding to provide wider literacy.

What is Omnity?
Omnity is a self, decentralized knowledge certification system that integrates repositories of private documents at all scales (for people, companies, organizations, and governments). Semantic relationships are performed both inside internal document sets and with external high-quality third-party verified public data from around the world. Omnity collects and consolidates massive sets of public and private documents that are systematically downloaded through APIs and connectors.

Omnity Features:
1. Many millions of federal documents from most major agencies are semantically linked.
2. Free manual loading of documents via the drag-and-drop interface.
3. Mass scaling.
1. Documents related to similar semantic signatures.
2. The text is processed by merging the processing of natural language, machine intelligence, and graphics mathematics.
3. Three years in Stealth R & D, over 500 000 lines of code and 9 million dollars in funding
1. Linguistic Blockchain tracks the semantic signatures of documents changing with time, place and authorship.
2. Management of digital rights for text content in engineering, finance, Law, medicine and science in more than 100 languages
3. Hyper decentralized document repository for self-recovery of distributed document network.
Bot Detection:
1. Automatic semantic search agents (detection bots) that are launched by dragging the entire file.
2. Start an offline search based on markers with the frequency and duration selected by the user.
3. Detection reports are periodically sent to the user via email.

Quick Search for the right investment:
Omnity allows investment specialists of various kinds to quickly and effectively detect hidden high-quality investment opportunities. Whether it’s corporate development, venture capital or purchase investments, Omnity allows you to analyze complex sets of documents in real time so that investment professionals can respond to a wide range of Questions.

Quick Search for correct arguments:
In a dirty and growing field of legal documents, case law and potentially useful evidence. Omnity allows lawyers of any kind to quickly and effectively detect hidden patterns of relevant document relationships.

Place the study in the context:
More than 2500 scientific articles and 2200 patent applications are published daily. In the last five years alone, most of the scientific and engineering fields have produced a scale of 100 thousand documents. Reading these books in an hour will take 50 years of professional activity. Paired comparison of these documents will take more than 9000 years, almost the length of the recorded human civilization. Omnity allows research and development specialists to quickly and effectively detect hidden patterns of relationships between relevant documents.

Express your Voice:
Omnity allows advocacy and policy professionals in all areas to quickly and effectively detect hidden patterns of relationships between relevant documents. Whether it is awareness, education, lobbying, or resource allocation, omnity allows real-time analysis of complex sets of documents that allow advocacy and policy, and professionals to respond effectively and systematically to A number of questions.

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