Obizcoin Introducing AI and Blockchain Backed Smart Process BOTs

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OBIZCOIN — The world is full of challenges that continue to be challenging, when deciding to land into wilderness business, make sure you have set up the courage and enough stock. Because we know for sure there a large variety of constraints has been waiting for. OK here I want to explain the Obizcoin Platform contents about business planning. Check out this article properly.
Understanding Of Platform Obizcoin
Obizcoin Platfrom is an offer from parent company retail trainer (YRC). Retail trainer here has provided a business solution strarup, the purpose of YRC iyalah brought the already successful business model towards a more favorable terms from the revolution of terdesentralisaikan along with the Knowledge of the BOT.
Obizcoin has been planned by leveraging the expertise of domain names a rich industry and YRC knowledge reliable, with integrating it into such a BOT through Artificial Intelligence & technology blockchain. This will reduce the time required to research
and the development of each domain as it has developed YRC. All of the domains that they’ve have with integrating it into a BOT through Artificial Intelligence & technology blockchain. This will reduce the time required for research and development in each domain as it has developed YRC. Intellectual property more than 10 domains which they held serve. This will speed up the turn time of construction
for sales. Because the BOT technology is ready, so the sales can be immediately started with an existing domain. the purpose of the BOT is a very nice want to develop the ability to become better with the help of Etherium technology so it can work with precise and meticulous.
BOT skill Domains domain industry experts provide solutions

  • The BOT Process Design Design prosessesuaikebutuhanorganisasi
  • The decision process of the BOT’s decision to optimal resource utilization
  • SWOT System BOT analysis of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats
  • Smart BOT Contracts Execute contracts Smart inside and outside the Organization
  • BOT to Automate System Reward Reward system via the Ethereum Smart Contracts
  • BOT BOT System Auditing to track and review processes and performance
  • BOT Alerts Prescriptive and Predictive alerts

Obizcoin BOT has also provides three services that can be used include:

  • Business Process Management. Also includes the following functions:

  1. Designing The Process
  2. Aligns Team
  3. Progress Monitor
  4. The Efficiency Review
  5. Team Gifts
  6. The Upgrade Process

  • Analysis Of Operational Risk Score
  • Third-Party Services

The process is a series of activities performed in order to achieved the desired
the results. Every activity in an organization requires a process. If you are
Can’t describe what you do as a “process”, you don’t know
What are you doing.
BOT PROCESS include:

  • The evaluation of the
  • Implement
  • Validating
  • Record
  • Reviews
  • Awards

The nature of technology blockchain has got an awful lot of applications, because it can now be applied to the need for a trustworthy record. It also puts the full power of cryptography in the hands of individuals, stop digital relationships of authority requires a transaction for what it is considered pulltransactions Blockchain allows the execution of business processes in multiple organizations and organizations, in various functions. Distributed and decentralized the tap technology, the smart contracts and the internet has the potential to disrupt and revolutionized the business process management and optimization
You can make the process more intelligent again by including more interaction with blockchain, such as reacting to the incident at blockchain, indicating cheating or other incident of this event can start the process new business and make sure that appropriate action was done by the right people. Transparency in transactions
Contract Obizcoin our Smart protocol based on the Ethereal Protocol, which is an open source distributed computing with blockchain for smart contracts. Smart contract can not be modified the program stored in the chain, which can guarantee the contract action. Blockchain technology will make transactions safe & transparent. SMART contracts will bring transparency to the employee-employer relationship and there will be no belief required as hope, submissions and awards will be hard locked Smart contracts and will not change without segwit of all parties.
TOKEN The name Obizcoin comes from the phrase
Organized Business
Obizcoin token is a token compatible ERC-20. Obizcoin token is a token utilities and give the holder of the token with its ability to access services on the application Obizcoin Biz like score operational risk analysis, program Associate Process Consultants and other services
available in the BOT. This token must also be used to collaborate with trading partners, third party vendors, mergers, acquisitions and business purchases, bounties, content writers, business partners, third-party access to API etc.
Obizcoin Platfrom also provides a bounty of gifts progam campaigns that can follow all those with conditions that have been specified in the campaign bounty.

  • Progam Twitter + Facebook 40% (20% for twitter and 20% for Facebook)
  • Progam BitcoinTalk signatures of 20%.
  • Progam Translations and moderation of ANN and Whitepaper 10%.
  • progam Youtube Bounties 9%.
  • Blog of the progam and Article 10% Bounties.
  • progam reserved for other bounties of 10%.

The token supply and distribution:

  • The total number of Tokens: 300 Million Token OBZ
  • The number of Tokens for the participants of the ICO: 270 million (90%) Token OBZ.
  • If the Investor is not sold entirely Tokens, the rest will be allocated to reserves and used accordingly when needed.
  • Tim, Advisor, Partner channels: 24 million (8%) Token OBZ.
  • Bounties: 6 million (2%) Token OBZ
  • Of the total OBZ Tokens allocated to the team, only 10% just opened every 6 months. This ensures that the team solely focus on his attempt to make the Obizcoin decentralized Application grows.

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