NYNJA The First Global Platform Unifying Communications

NYNJA – Imagine uniting; Whatsapp, Skype, WeChat, Line, Wire, Viber, Email, Kik, Slack, UpWork, 99 Designs, now put them all in one application and tough features such as: Mobile-to-mobile and mobile to a landline through via secure, high definition sound and video, virtual conference, selection of the quorum for Board meetings, virtual item sales and any action that needs to be selected, support for 7 + year history of communication, real-time translation, a network of freelance integrated which allows freelancers to sell and trade services in applications

Introducing NYNJA
NYNJA App is the world’s first communication application that combines the following unique features on the one platform that is fully integrated; Cross-platform support on some of the mobile and desktop operating systems, open-source platform that attract other developers to create applications in application NYNJA, offering a gateway to global e-commerce supported by cryptographic token We own, Operate, in tokennya own NYNJACoin for the settlement method for ondemand labor and virtual service, users will have their own data, and this and other major features make this app is truly unique, first of its kind, cross platform applications.

NYNJA App aims to harness the power of user base like no other messaging application that successfully done before — and with an integrated platform that enables users to: Communicate in whatever way they choose , from any device, managing their personal and professional lives, get NYNJACoin through the transaction of goods and services with other users, use for business, increase productivity among their workforce; and eliminate spam and another unwanted intrusion.
The Vision And Mission Of The Project NYNJA
 to communicate globally, interact, and transact business easily without the language barrier and with your own requirements
 to create integrated cellular communication application that allows users to communicate, buy, sell, and trade without language barriers by providing automatic translation between users on the currency market the crypto decentralized.
Application NYNJA

NYNJA application designed from scratch, not limited by the limitation of the framework and design standards before.
NYNJA team presents the experience of hundreds of years of combined messaging solutions in building on a global scale, with vast knowledge in scalable storage solutions communications protocols and security.
This has resulted in the creation of a fully mature platform that combines messages, calls, conferences, video, and e-commerce are designed to operate with one hand on your mobile device. A guided approach to communications is expected to offer several key benefits:
 Email no longer! Replace the entire suite your email with NYNJA
 a fully secure encrypted communications
 no more spam
 There is no longer any messages or unsolicited contact
 no viruses again
NYNJA application built on the fundamental principles of design that the user should be able to move from one place to another within the application. In a nutshell, this means users don’t have to navigate backward through the applications to access other functions. Instead, they can move directly to the screen anywhere from anywhere in the application.

To provide this functionality, concentric wheels NYNJA Applications awaiting a patent allows users to select what action should be taken and where to navigate to the screen in the interface. To offer the best of all worlds, NYNJA App gives users the option to separate business and personal contacts in one application with added features that have never been seen before.

NYNJACoin is a token based Ethereum who follow standard ERC20. NYNJACoin will be accepted as payment in NYNJA App for goods and services.
NYNJACoin Allows Users To:
 Buy advanced communication services such as Conference further moderate for a meeting and working remotely
 payment for value-added services, such as translation of real-time, virtual conferences, a quorum of an election, and more than seven years of communication and history, among others
 Buy permanent storage-network storage both traditional and distributed storage based IPFS such as blockchain
 Get NYNJACoin through work are provided for the user’s on-demand network
Details Of The Sale Of Tokens
Schedule Token Sales-
The Purchase Token Ethereum
The price of a Token 1 NYN = $0.05
A total of 5, 000 million Token Supply NYN

Website : https://nynjacoin.com
Whitepaper : https://nynjacoin.com/documents/NYNJA_whitepaper_EN_v17_0.pdf
ANN : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3078752
Twitter : https://twitter.com/nynjapp
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Telegram : https://t.me/joinchat/FXJyVVC5-hLs9-TwPvcOYw
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