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NUCLEUS — The main goal of the project is the Core reduces dependency and attachment between the online and offline retail world. By applying Core platform on the market, this is the approval and support of win-win from such a large investor Tim Draper and Reliance Capital. Nucleus also works with Vodafone, Reliance Communications and Idea Cellular.
his platform will provide the level of protection is high enough to facilitate the launch of future applications. For more information about this creative platform.
The product nucleus
The product of this project is the intelligent sensor technology when using the Nucleus, retailers can identify and interact directly with customers when they visit the store. For example, you can take a company like Giny & Jony located in India, which uses the core project, providing personal service on a mobile phone of their own. ION sensor Network is designed in accordance with the standards of the telco, while ensuring that the core platform itself remains connected and compatible with the requirements of the data and the privacy of the global telecommunications industry.
Sensor IoT (Internet of Things) in the robot.
The concept of a robot that was given on the project Nucleus is a lightweight version for sellers and customers in the transaction. This is the basis of the current system for its users.

The process of exploitation is quite simple
1. When the customer enters the retail outlets, retailers, in turn, gave the award to customers in the form of the sign of nCash.
2. When customers make a purchase at the retail counter, buyers also receive loyalty points in the form of the sign of nCash. NCash token currency that Crypto is decentralized from Core ecosystem, which is used for transactional processes through the ecosystem of the nucleus.
3. By providing cards nCash, resellers can request some information from the client.
4. A Distributor may share customer information with other retailers by providing customer data and provide notice to nCash vendors, with immediate benefit to customers as nCash token.
5. All Core partners can receive card payments nCash owned by clients. In addition, customers can also trade with all retailers are incorporated in the core.
The Nucleus projects to use and take advantage of some of the Core platform technologies into a unified collaboration, namely, ION, Obit, the Nuron and nCash.
Let’s learn these technologies in detail.
IONS, acting as a patented sensor for simplifying retail sales, which will help the seller get new customer data.
The process of robot
Instant client identification within a radius of 200 meters. — This determines the temperature, pressure, acceleration, motion and sound.
Provides complete data security and confidentiality of the Telco.
Define 32 unique factors in 612 microsecond.
Orbit, the exchange of information at Blockchain
The exchange of information, storage and authorization based on blocks.
Include transactions between a partner and a client’s core.
It connects the kernel to kriptoekonomi global, with continuous data protection.
NEURONS, Deep Learning learning platform is a modern Campaign
The process of robot
The creation of personalized client in real time mode.
Make recommendations.
Create a campaign in one click.
The display immediately the profitability of campaigns.
nCash, token utility
Act as a loyalty program and the repayment of currency based on crypto. An award for loyalty in traditional currency.
The main advantage of the core Vision is:
-Compatibility with all mobile phones and Smartphones;
-transfer of information through block;
-secure data storage;
-instant realization for the retail trade and consumer circles;
-the lack of connectedness with the chain between the seller, buyer and brand;
-bonus for customers with the ability to pay more;
-face recognition;
-provide anonymous intelligence;
-easy to install
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