Nucleus Connecting the Unconnected

NUCLEUS-VISION is the technology solution end-to-end that captures and provides data previously not affordable to retailers and businesses ‘ brick and mortar ‘ more through technology block and logging real time sensor. Solutions developed Nucleus, which currently has a 19 ‘ sensors ‘ IoT stationed in 10 retail company live, will support a network of valuable data to ID a unique visitor and user data as appropriate. Our proprietary IoT sensor technology does not rely on RFID technology is Bluetooth, WiFi, or even facial identification technology to operate.
Long term, our intention is to bridge the gap between online and offline retail world. Our efforts are supported by some prominent investors including Tim Draper, Reliance Capital and more. Telecommunications plays a vital role in enabling our technology, and we have partnered with Vodafone, Reliance Communications and Idea Cellular to bring our platform to market.

Power and profit.
Nucleus has invested three years in research and technological development, to build a patent-pending sensor technology that overcomes all the deficiencies of the existing retail technology like Bluetooth or Wi-Fi beacons, to identify in real-time every person walking near a sensor ION core.
-No application required
-There are no barriers to adoption.
-No Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS is required.
-Works with all phones Feature & smartphone.
-Provide anonymous intelligence.

The world of Intelligent Integrated Nucleus
Internet of Things (IoT) already in retail stores, buildings, houses, cars, telephones and devices in our body. In the process, it brings companies closer to their customers than ever before. After the Nucleus revolutionized the industry and retail physical security, we have a view to connect the world through IO device ecosystem. Nucleus technology team has begun drafting the framework of Core Houses, automobiles around the nucleus, Nucleus, Nucleus Health Agri, Nucleus and the Nucleus of the water. We believe that the core platform has a great application for the smart communities/smart cities, agriculture, transport, health care, and monitoring at home.

Products already on the market
By using smart-sensor technology is the Nucleus, the retailer can now identify and interact directly with customers as they enter the store. International retail brands, such as Giny & Jony in India, had using the Nucleus to provide private offer to customers on their cell phone. ION Network sensors developed in accordance with the standards of the telco, to ensure the core remains platform plug and play and follow the terms of the data and the privacy of the global telecommunications industry. During the last two years, the Nucleus has worked with national and international regulatory authorities to implement a regulatory framework and privacy that prevail in our technology.

Differentiation, The Next Generation Product Offerings
Our assessment against technologies that are currently available in the market have revealed several flaws in authentication and analysis in the IoT products related to marketing. Our evaluation against this technology indicates that there is no other product that could give more than 15% of the world’s physical retail intelligence. Due to the superior performance of this, retailers had expressed his enthusiasm after seeing the Nucleus solution in action.

Different customer experience
Brick and mortar retail customers barely get personalized rates, special offers, or special treatment for being a Loyalist brand or shop. This mainly stems from the inability to differentiate between store customers in the offline store. With Nucleus, customers get personalized recommendations, price is accurate and real time bidding in equipment store brick-n-mortar physical for the first time. Customers also get nCash token each time they visit or shop in store-powered Nucleus, and empowered to monitize their spending data as well.

Technology Overview
The nucleus is composed of several layers of technology, which together strengthened the platform for the next generation. The technology of the nucleus is a function of four main components: ions, ORBIT, & nCASH NEURONS.

nCash: payment-based Token
nCash is a decentralized ecosystem of crypto Nucleus, which is used for a variety of transactions throughout the core. nCash serves two main purposes: 1) it is the backbone of the core Program Universal Nucleus (System awards the retailer), and 2) this is the currency used to allow data transfer from one party to the other party.
Retailers in the network Core can give awards to their users with deals using nCash, which can be exchanged at any retailer in a network Nucleus. nCash is token etosfer ERC20 that cannot be mined with a limit of 10 billion supply nCash token

Nucleus Retail
Nucleus has been building contacts identification system without first contact in the world (over blockchain), as well as build the largest universal loyalty programs by using the crypto currency. Nucleus Core solution enables retail brands worldwide to build and run a shopping experience that focuses on customers who make use of data from direct and private channels.
The platform Nucleus using blockchain technology, sensors, data and intelligently to create automated solutions that generate customer loyalty. For retailers, the IoT solutions Nucleus gives an insight into customer behavior that was previously not possible, such as the ability to track customer visits, to the gang’s and the line taken in the store, your favorite products and brands, and predict future customer behaviour in-store. This helps create a personalized customer experience that delivers greater customer satisfaction. Blockchain through technology-enabled us, Nucleus aspires to connect the world on and offline seamlessly. In the process, we aim to increase the retail shopping experience for customers running all 2.6 trillion 91 million who visit the physical store globally, all in real time. How cool and great isn’t it. to see his simulation please see the video below:

The strengths and advantages of the technology of Nucleus
Nucleus has spent three years, to build a patent-pending sensor technology that overcomes all the deficiencies of the existing retail technology like Bluetooth or Wi-Fi beacons, to identify in real-time every person that walks in near a sensor ION Nucleus. to see a more clear picture of the strengths and advantages of the technology is the Nucleus you can see in the image below.

The Main Components Of The Technological Nucleus
1. Ion Sensors
Proprietary Sensor technology that can identify and senses the temperature, pressure, acceleration, movement and sound around the sensor. ION sensor allows retailers to mengamambil new data about customers.
2. Orbit BlockChain
its function is to authorize and identify the identities and data of the customer, and the current token are accurate and secure.
3. Layer Neurons
Intelligence platform Nucleus Neurons is cutting-edge analysis engine that leverages the power of deep learning of blockchain and IoT. The platform allows retailers Neurons utilize time and opportunity. This Layer neurons will be the liaison between the customer and the retailer.
4. nCash
A crypto token nCash is decentralized ecosystem of Nucleus, this Token will be used in all transactions in a technological Nucleus.


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