NoVam – Distributed Cybersecurity for IoT

Novam – Good day, my dear subscribers! Today, I would like to discuss such an important and interesting topic as anti-virus protection. All of us love to sit on the internet and surf different sites. But not everyone thinks that on one of these sites we may be waiting for scammers. In fact, modern protection is not always able to provide the necessary level of security, which is actually required today.

It is easy for bad guys to take your personal data simply by visiting the site. And yes, your protection system may simply not see this attack, because of fraudsters for frequent use very modern methods, for which anti-virus programs cannot keep up. And that’s why today, because of these hacker attacks, many people suffer. Starting out that just lose data from their personal sites, maps and so on, ending up with the fact that sometimes such attacks can stop even very large platforms that have a large audience and seemingly a serious security system. So, here, no matter how cool you need a serious and the most important complex solution that could change the perception of security in the network. And not long ago, I just met a project that aims to study the problem. Therefore, this project is working to change the situation. The project itself is called Novam. And now we’ll talk about it.

About the project:
Novam – In its essence this project is very interesting and is an anti-virus system, and not just an anti-virus system, but a whole complex that will work as a living being. Novam This is realized through the use of innovative technology, such as artificial intelligence. The task of this artificial intelligence will detect a particular attack or virus and adjust the protection system so that would block this interference, as well as to protect the system from further attacks of this kind.

Very interesting is the fact that this anti-virus platform does not have any center, it is completely decentralized. It is realized also by application of such technology, as blockchain. Due to this, the anti-virus does not have a single center of dislocation and that is why there is no possibility to destroy the protection core. Just imagine that this server is located on hundreds or even thousands of servers and that is why there is no real possibility to simultaneously strike at such a number of points. Also, if we talk about the blockchain itself, this technology has huge advantages in defense. And at the same time provides serious protection, both data, and information in general.

Novam The project will have its own decentralized coin and simply put cryptocurrency. This currency will be required for the project to work. That is, at the expense of this coin you can safely, as well as easily and simply pay a subscription fee for the use of this anti-virus. Also, you can get this currency by actively participating in the project and maintaining it.
Now I would like to tell about the sales that take place at this project:
The token of this project will be called: MNVM.
The price per unit of this MNVM token will be 1 MNVM = $0.06.
The trades start December 10, 2018, and continue until January 10, 2018.
The minimum target of the sales data is 500 000 $.
The maximum target of the sales data is 2 076 923 $.

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