NOLLYCOIN The Blockchain That Rewards Entertainers

NOLLYCOIN  is a crypto-giving power in decentralized system of ledger’s parent-supported by blockchain to distribute movies and other creative works.
NollyWorld spread the blockchain technology powers to strengthen the platform for innovative financing, distribution, and consumption of global Film Nollywood. Nollycoin will give you strength in the new ecosystem to unleash the latent potential of Nollywood around the world. Nollycoin is designed to support the creation, publication and film consumption Nollywood and African as a cycle.

The project Nollytainment is a new and revolutionary work of Peer-To-Peer networks for sharing creative works and the system Registry for the Film industry in third-world countries, especially in Africa. Nollytainment ecosystem will be centered on decentralization. Ledger for the publication and distribution of the Film with Nollycoin as a means of Exchange, a central purpose of the NOLLYCOIN
Nollycoin conceived, designed and created to provide cutting-edge solutions to the intractable problem of Nollywood (African Film generally) some goals instantly and directly from a Nollycoin to address specific issues in this industry include :

  • Give copyright protection and solve the problem of piracy
  • Provides a means of exchange for universal films Nollywood
  • Give Back Backing for some of the best Producers in Nollywood
  • Providing World Wide distribution-level to maximize financial investment
  • Providing access to financing and capital for qualitative film products
  • Turn on Fair compensation for collaborators

The movie Ecosystem NOLLYCOIN
Nollycoin also offers many opportunities to win-to-win to the broker’s interests in the entertainment industry except pirates and copyright thieves. Here are some of the solutions and the opportunities that brought Nollycoin into the entertainment ecosystem, as follows:

  • Film producer hard worker WINS.
  • Collaborators and creative artist in the film production chain is the win.
  • Film financiers and stakeholders in every film that completed the win.
  • Bookkeeping storage open and transparent to all stakeholders.
  • Open data at Nollycoin blockchain can also produce more intelligent films and other creative works recommendation.

Advantage Of Blockchain Ledger For The Film Industry

  • This will achieve a more direct relationship between creators and users of movies the film industry. Editorial changes in blokchain, monetization and the relationship between producer and contributor and community. outside the cinema will now be published in the register with a unique ID and a period of stamps in a way that cannot be changed. Each record contains metadata can save the Declaration of ownership and rights in a transparent and does not change that everyone can see and confirm.
  • Blockchain technology can also revolutionize the exposure film. The infrastructure is based on smart contracts, programs that can be run on the block along with micro-payment transactions. Users can now choose a favorite movie and immediately gave the prize to stakeholders with kriptocurrency when they watch it, without the intervention of third parties.
  • One of the advantages of blockchain is able to create a more direct relationship between creators and users. Movie producers will no longer be required through purchasing platform, brokers and brokers who usually take a piece of income substantially and should receive replacement costs continuously whenever the movie they saw.
  • Although the transition to digital cinema prowess as a mercy for the fans of cinema, which now enjoy access to a catalog of Nollywood and African growing online.

Pre-sale: March 1, 2018 and will end on March 31, 2018
ICO: April 1-April 30, 2018 2018
Minimum contribution: 0.10 ETH
Total: 2,000 Softcap ETH
A total of 6,000 Hardcap: ETH
Price Per Token: 1 = NOLLY 0.000025 ETH
Tokens available for sale: 350 million
The total allocation of the Coin: 500 million
Total Reserved for the founder: 97.5 million [19.5%]
Total Reserved for Partners: 27.5 million [5.5%]
Total for the Bounty/Airdrop: 25 million [5.0%] sales of the public for the Token NollyCoin will consist of five different levels based on time and date. Below is a table describing the pricing, price and bonuses for each phase of the sale of the token may change based on market development and demand.

February 10, 2018-the publication of the White Paper,
February 20, 2018-Purse Nollycoin
February 25, 2018-the release of MVP
Apri1 Mockup-May30th-2018 Bidding Early Coins (ICO)
Juni1, 2018-Public launch of Nollycoin
Juli1, 2018-List Nollycoin in the stock exchange Trade U Mum’s
launch of the Trading Platform Nollycoin (Nollytopia.Com)
Aug1, 2018-10 Exclusive Film Commissions and best TV Series for The Nollytainment Movie Platform
Apr-Dec 2018-the campaign Nollycoin Partner Expansion
December 2018-NollyTV Blockchain Official Launch Movie Sharing the Platform with some great movies, Launch NirtlyTAINMENT Mobile Nollycoin 2018
Dec25-theatrical release of the Film the first Original Nollycoin at the movies

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