NOIZ – Re-engineered Advertising Network

NOIZ – Thanks to the prosperity of e-commerce, consumer spending on the internet soared to unprecedented heights. A regular, offline store is at risk, for retailers working in both offline and online stores, it is very important to monitor the fluctuations in their market share for each of these channels and for each product category, in order to understand the competition. The cost of advertising in digital media exceeded the cost of television commercials. Today’s review of ICO NOIZ

From social networks are often waiting for the advertising effect of “the Sundress Radio”. Social networks are Facebook, Twitter, Google, and Instagram. Social media can serve not only as an advertising platform that shows the coverage and frequency of views of brand advertising. These options enable companies to link their actions in social media with the desired consumer behavior, including brand engagement and purchasing activity and measure the performance of the current campaign

Spambot is a string of malicious code that is programmed by hackers to perform certain tasks on certain sites. Bots are now programmed to simulate the behavior of people on digital platforms, such as filling out information in a subscription form, clicking on ads, or posting comments on a forum. There are also REM technologies and passive monitoring. The cost and effectiveness of digital advertising are determined by the number of views, clicks, and impressions. If an automated tool like Spambots, again and again, interacts with the same online banner. The blown budget of advertisers and advertising campaign becomes a little effective
About 30% of advertisements are not viewed by the user. Reason: The user does not scroll the Web page until the end or leaves it very quickly before the advertisement has time to boot. Such-invisible-advertising will not affect the consumer behavior

NOIZ is a platform for exchanging ads based on the blockchain. The mission of NOIZ is to make efforts to improve the efficiency of digital advertising and eliminate traffic scams. NOIZ prevents spam activity, the NOIZ network monitors any intentional user actions and filters out spam-bot traffic.
The platform is available on any mobile device. In NOIZ 4 groups: User, advertiser, Publisher, and organization of social impact. The application has an electronic purse. All operations are made by token NOIZ

NOIZ allows advertisers and publishers to reliably collect and share consumer data through blockchain, giving consumers the ability to control what personal information they are willing to provide to advertisers and publishers
The user changes tokens for the coupons offered by advertisers, keep their tokens to play on the market or donate their tokens to a charitable organization.
Publishers can also exchange their tokens, work on the market, or donate them to a charitable foundation. In each case, NOIZ tokens can be transferred to social action projects.
Any NOIZ purse can be randomly selected to verify the existence of bots. Consumers spend a portion of their tokens to redeem discounts from advertisers or publishers, bots transfer all tokens in a single transaction. So will be bots and disqualify.
Each ad NOIZ is equipped with artificial intelligence software, which is associated with the API of the natural learning process (NLP). This means that when users encounter a brand declaration that uses the NOIZ platform, users will see a dialog box that allows them to interact with the ad by directly providing their data to the Advertiser in exchange for NOIZ token

gives guarantees of “viewing” advertising on its platform
User activity is carefully monitored to prevent the impact of spam activity on the effectiveness of advertising or polluting data for publishers.

Token name: NOIZ.
Total tokens issued: 400 000 000 NOIZ.
Soft Cap: 15.000 ETH.
Hard Cap: 60.000 ETH.
You can buy tokens for BTC, ETH.
Token Sale start and end Date: July 15, 2018-15, August 2018

Conclusion :
NOIZ helps people earn money from advertising companies and protect their online data. Solves the crisis of advertising fraud in the digital ads industry and gives retailers information on their interests in online stores


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