NodePower Market Niche of Wireless Transmission Devices for Both Private and Commercial Use

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NodePower is a technology startup hi-tech revolutionaries who disrupt traffic wireless device for personal and commercial use. Innovative developments in the field of electronic transmission and archiving sectors help node to complete the research activity that demonstrates the quality and efficiency of useIn the year 2017, Brand Node designed to attract great specialist in search of unwanted metals, the use of medicines advice, to pay for home-based thinking and integration into power plants. Currently, he has a health service for non-wireless sales of electricity to electricity.

Market Overview
Achievements and innovations in the field of technology as well as the growing demand a robust air power to change the behavior of the car repair, housing, as well as the development of electricity, cell phone, books, dishes and other electronic goods. Since the invention of the unwanted sales technology, the use of various technologies is very simple and at the same time most effective.

The introduction of non-electrical plant products improve the lives of the life, reduce energy requirements and use of waste. Although the television device is non-taxable is not designed for the purpose of environmental protection, this is the real solution to this problem and contribute to the health of the environment. Their weaknesses on the product and the community outside could be a result of cover clean.

Revenue from wireless energy transmission products is estimated at $2.43 billion, most of it is sales in the electronic sector

Expected in 2022 wireless transmission device market will grow to 11.27 billion USD,increased 23.15% between the years 2017 and 2022. In addition, with the help of innovation and innovation in various industrial fields, it is very possible to achieve projected pro t in the industry in the year 2024 at a price of 12.43 billion USD.

Technology Node

The core of a promising technology of the Node is the imposition of some electromagnetic waves in the form of pulses with a duration and frequency are different from each other, after that this wave passes through a special lens and ferroelectric materials of electromagnetic metamaterial structured.

The transfer of power over long distances and simultaneously to multiple devices with the power of whatever
This technology can be applied to any electronic
Makes sense
Low cost and, on averagewhen compared to other solutions, the power transmission efficiency up to 90%
Intelligent design
Less wiring and space saving more. Use and storage convenient
Ergonomic and modern design
The hallmarks of the Node:
A good Control system and also do a centralized control
Responsive which means it is easy to conduct the interaction in response
A fee on low expenses, raising a savings
Use a design that is elegant and also very interesting impression
Stylish design and also friendly to the environment.
Advantage technology Node
The transmitted energy in outer space
(the field), regardless of its position
from the receiver in it
2 large energy transfer Distance
Receive surfaces (antenna) of
any form of
Absolute protection against dust
and humidity
Energy transfer while
the receiver is in motion
Token Node:
For the activities of Crowdsale is 55%
For activity Team is 20%
For development activities is 10%
For Early Participant is 10%
For Advisor is 5%
For the activities of Bounty is 2%
Kegiaatan ITO will be held on February 15-April 15, 2018 2018
The price of a token $1
Partsipan will get a bonus
day 1-10 is 30%
day 11 -20 is 20%
day 21-30 is 15%
day 31-40 is 10%

Investment Opportunities

Token NODE offers a unique opportunity to participate with the revolutionary technology start-ups. current funding is aimed at increasing production and organizing of marketing and sales of the device Node. The current stage of development makes it possible to be a member of the campaign of ITO. Project ITO (Initial Token Offering), which was presented by the Node, is the fundraising operation aimed at the commercialization of technology and the production of the device continuously

Parameter ITO
The Name Token: NODE
Currencies accepted: BTC, ETH
Soft/Hard Cap: $1 million/$10 million
The total number of tokens, including Pre-ITO: 10 million pcs.
Token NODE is planned to be introduced on the stock trades at the end of ITO

From: 07.12.2017
End: 07.01.2018
The price of Tokens: $1
Minimum contribution: 10 USD
A total of Toekn as much as 0.75 Mliar pcs

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