NodePower Intelligent Technology For Wireless Energy

NodePower The node can become a revolutionary start-up, which interfere with wireless transmission device market niche for each use of non-public and industry. Our innovative development, activity analysis in the field of storage and transmission of electricity, allowing Americans to get a solution that is in accordance with the quality and efficiency of use. Along with technology transfer wireless power will increase in the physics of the client, industry and medical industry turned its focus toward this technology and its inherent advantages. As a communication interface has become more and more with technologies like wireless local area network and Bluetooth, wireless power transfer has become a relevant choice. Altogether new approach is often done so that not only thanks to the obvious technical, but also open up potential for brand new industrial style of hitting.

This technology produces new ideas – especially in Indonesia industry sectors that fight environmental conditions are strong, aggressive cleaning agents, changes of pressure of the State and heavy mechanical (e.g. ATEX, medicine, construction machinery). For example, the slip ring is valuable and easily damaged or the contact is often replaced. Other fields of application with transformers, which have to meet special needs, such as reinforced or double layered insulation.

In the year 2017, the finished Node is created to implement the thinking of the project, register your intellectual property rights, and engaging key specialists in the field of wireless energy transmission, to ask for a half in the development of merchandise.
Currently, it offers a variation on the market technical solutions in the field of wireless energy transmission — from the physical sciences to industry merchandise shoppers making process of vaccination technology merchandise derived from Node, has passed the stage of study experimental for the manufacture and testing of the end of the model. Project ITO (Initial Token Offering) provided by the Node may be a fundraising operation directed exploitation technology and production tools that continuously

The node may be the beginning of a revolutionary State of the art which interfere with wireless transmission device market niche for each use of non-public and industry. Our innovative development, activity analysis in the field of storage and transmission of electricity, allowing Us to supply solutions which were given a unit area with the best quality and efficiency of use.

Our area unit during the final stages of testing the device symbol. And there are 2 units of the scheme area is totally different that explored and repaired by our scientists:

In the coil the electrical device or association level, which has a core of metal or air, the energy transferred by the magnets easy affiliate known as the magnetic induction. At the expense of this technique, transmission and reception of energy becomes possible at a distance far enough, however, to get a large voltage drop during this approach, it is absolutely necessary to rearrange 2 coil with very close to each other.
Magnetic resonance/capacitive coupling is used, where each unit is set to a frequency inductor area together, so that a large amount of energy transmitted through a far enough distance.
The core of a promising technology of the Nodes is that imposition of magnetism many waves in a variety of different lengths and frequency impulses to every different, so this felt a wave of ferroelectric materials source decreases the special lenses magnets from metamateria structured.


Flexible pads for Wireless charging electronic devices. outsized room surface charging allows you to charge multiple devices, place them in terms by facet or maybe each other.

-Target price ~ $9
-Surface area 300x200mm
-Transmitted power up to 10W
-USB 5V power supply

Wireless charging station for desktop placement. Eon provides charging multiple devices at once and comes with automatic power management.

-Target price ~ $159
-Transmitted power-up to 150W
-Power supply-220V


Activity Pre ITO will be held on 07 December 2017
Activity Pre ITO will expire on 07 January 2018
With the price of a token $1
Minimum purchase is $10
The buyer will mendapatakan bonus 50%
Kegiartan ITO will be held on February 15, 2018
The activities of the ITO will end on April 15, 2018
With the price of a token $1
Partsipan will get a bonus day 1 – 10 is 30%, day 11 -20 is 20%, day 21 – 30 is 15%, day 31 – 40 is 10%

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