NEWC Token – Financial Revolution of The 21st Century!

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NEWC – New Cash is a world-leading cloud-based blockchain portfolio with fast payments and secure transactions.
Created in 2018, Newcash has a building perspective for a new world. Its goal is to deploy a decentralized, affordable biosystem for industries and community to facilitate everyday life.
With great technological advances and easy access with complete security, the Newcash portfolio is safe and fast, being the best way for customers to deposit and withdraw digital assets. Allowing people to manage their digital accounts, taking advantage of the comfort of buying and paying online.
New Cash is enthusiastic about trade without complications in a clear and authentic way, with a great interest in this technology being known around the world.
Making for people a transparent and natural practice relying on all possible support from the new cash team.
Since this achievement is only possible with the understanding of the people in relation to the project, we are living in a modern and broad world and increasingly highlighting the cryptocurrencies in everyday life, that is, a universal revolution, so the future is more and more digital.
NEWC That’s why a number of ebooks have been implanted that go straight to the point and are well illustrated to help people take their first steps toward knowledge about this new era.
Imagine that there are already applications where Rascals forge videos (PHOTOS) Placing the person or victim in awkward, embarrassing even explicit the image whose appearance is indeed very similar compared with real photos and videos, which in Confuse the mind as it happens, such a facial recognition technology that allows wicked people to test us.
And because the blockchain can be useful and receiving this digital vandalism, simple with the implementation of SHA-256 in HASH format (a single alphanumeric sequence) since the file or document cannot be altered ensuring the integrity of the original data, Also with the date and time of this record preventing fraudulent criminals from having access to these documents preventing fakes and other scams.
NEWC is ERC-20, implying that the token depending on innovation Ethereum. NEWC There will be 400 million units of educational modules will be in 3 minutes, pre-the bargain sought by two stages. NEWC token access puts the holder to discounts on fees, products, content, and opportunities promoted by the New Cash Exchange. NEWC Token will also serve as currency for projects that want to register the currency and their own token in our platform and will fill in as a gift for active users.
The Detail Token:
Name: New Cash Token
Ticker: NewC
Platform: Ethereum (ERC20)
The early pre-sale: 8 November 2018
Bonus: during the pre-sale, buyers will get a bonus of 15% of the volume of the purchased Tokens.
Pre-sale will last up to complete sales of 70 million first NEWC Token.
Phases 1 and 2 will last the longest 60 days or until the sale is complete all the tokens that are intended for each token.
NEWC Tokens will be sold directly through and can be purchased using Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash, Ethereum

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