Nebula Exchange Shortcoming of the Crypto Trading Ecosystem

Nebula Exchange The most common problem for people going to the cryptographic market is crypto bene. There are several solutions for these purposes, but the real life of a coin or token gets only when it hits the stock exchange, where it is exchanged for any other cryptocurrency with the help of bid-ask functions. Each of the exchanges charges on both sides commissions and fees for the transfer of coins from the projects. This causes a number of problems. Today we will talk about the ICO project, useful for everyone, cryptobene with the name Nebula.

Billions of dollars a day pass through the accounts of many exchanges, and the number of such services is only growing. Largely because digital assets need to increase the liquidity of tokens and coins through secondary markets. Many exchanges are unable to provide current user requests due to the scarcity and surplus of certain coins. As a result, the volume of turnover decreases, and consumers remain dissatisfied and often lose interest in a certain service.
Another problem is the fee for the transfer of coins on the stock exchange. This prevents newcomers from entering the market with small capitalization. In principle, exchanges are not interested in known coins, as they bring to the stock market little new users. And the listing fee is a kind of impediment to entering the market and fill the terms with low liquidity of coins and tokens.

Artificial community. To prove social benefits, many projects are forced to artificially increase the number of subscribers in the social networks of their projects. Various instruments have been used for this purpose. Such as: generosity, air drops. Most people involved in this way are interested in buying tokens, and only a few are interested in the product itself. This prevents the active development of projects, because the product is not discussed in such communities, but the token or just chatter.

NEBULA is a one-of-a-kind centralized digital currency exchange platform. This modern exchange is a combination of different tools for the trader, namely, the latest news and technical analysis. In addition, a decentralized peer system will be introduced on the platform. The essence of this system is very simple. This will allow each participant of the platform to participate in various voices, to comment, to leave reviews about Kriptokonversijah, etc. For this purpose a feedback system was developed, as well as voices that would make up the project’s rating. Basis they have taken the feedback system, which successfully works on This approach will prevent fraud prevention and monitor HYIP projects that will have a minimum rating. All these tools will help in the future not to be mistaken with a beginner investor and trader,

NEBULA also developed the NEBULA Exchange mobile application, which is available for all mobile devices running IOS and Android. Thus, platform developers have made sure that you always have Nebula Exchange with you, with all its tools, graphs, news and analysts. I believe that it is very convenient and very practical, and most importantly, it will expand the geography of the project and open new markets with almost no competitors.

Project Features
 The nebula adds little-known projects to the list of professions, simultaneously charging the minimum fee for the placement of coins and tokens,
 The nebula has a kind of block to publish the latest news about the project,
 The nebula uses the latest technology to ensure safety,
 The nebula allows you to exchange security tokens. These are tokens that are regulated by the laws of many jurisdictions and are legally protected assets.

ICO Details
 Token name: Nesc
 Smart contract: Ethereum ERC-20
 Soft cap : $500,000
 Hard cap : $20 million
 Token value: 1 NESC = $0.4
 Payment methods: ETH, BTC
The distribution of tokens and collected funds is as follows:

Project implementation Time
Project Team
The team consists of young and very talented professionals who are professionals in their field. In addition, they are experienced traders, businessmen and investors with many years of experience in well-known international companies. This can be seen by contacting them through LinkedIn.

Conclusion :
Nebula Exchange – Crypto communities are always very familiar with projects related to daily operations with cryptocurrencies. Especially if they solve urgent problems. The nebula also solves a complex of problems of projects and traders, both experienced and beginners. And he’s doing it right now because the nebula is ready. It should be noted that the project is being prepared at a very high level. And very soon the private presale begins, and tokens can be bought at the lowest price.

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