MYWISH-Making Contracts Really Smart For Life

MYWISH – By using intelligent decentralized contracts, MyWish can make transaction withdrawal even without your consent, it can minimize the risk of loss of assets do you have time tomorrow or the day after you died.

If you keep your assets in savings bank, then the next day or day after you die, your family can still take it with an easy process because every jurisdiction has regulations that govern the clear endorsement of the judges ownership of the asset wealth.

But what if your wealth assets in digital form such as criptocurrency or currency savings stored on digital media such as Paypal, Perfect money, Netteler? It must be very difficult in the process due to cardiac crypto does not have a mechanism for the management of funds in various types of conditions the life of its owner.

In addition, online banks such as Paypal, Perfect Money, and Netteler is a service that has a lot of authority to set up and manage accounts or assets stored in their system.
They can cancel the transaction or freeze the account owner’s assets without reason. This is where the role of MyWish needed to solve all the problems of ownership of assets

My Wish is a mobile application and web site where everyone can easily create smart contracts and manage it. Our mission is to bring the practice of money related to the world of regular payments automatically, crypto, Covenant marriage, lost wallet key protection etc.

Vladimir Tikhomirov MyWish made by someone who already has a lot of experience in the field of computers and IT. By using smart contract that decentralized MyWish withdrawal can conduct transactions without your capital, it can reduce the risk of loss that you currently have.

MyWish is the platform to solve problems to increase security wallet that we have this platform to create and run rules in Division of funds using smart contract decentralized blockchain. MyWish will be present in mobile applications and websites where people can easily create smart contracts and then manage it.

MyWish will work with a very simple method, i.e. :

  1. We will choose a wallet that we have already connected with the application MyWish.
  2. Select the address of the recipient’s wallet and the number of coins that will be sent
  3. Kondisikan and see whether our data is just right.
  4. Lastly, press the submit button

The benefits that can be taken when MyWish we need:
1. With a quieter MyWish users and also protection on the security system.
2. The presence of MyWish could set kestabilann on the operating system on Your Wallet when System State is unstable.
3. MyWish provides high security system with the concept and a very good system.

How The Asset Owner Knowing MyWish Still Alive.
To find out if the owner of the asset is still alive or dead, MyWish platform will see and continue to monitor the activity of the owner of the wallet of assets. MyWish Platform will soon Act if:
1. The wallet the user there is no activity for a specified time
2. The user did not confirm the activity in the specified time
3. The user is not signed in to your account during the specified time

If within the specified time there is no activity on the owner’s wallet, as mentioned above, smart contracts will automatically verify the server to transfer all funds in assets to owners of other wallets wallet.

Simplicity and ease of use is one of the ways I used MyWish in providing convenience to the user in using their platform. Without having any knowledge in the world of cryptoncurrency, everyone can use this platform easily. This is in accordance with the Mission of MyWish to provide financial management for safe and reliable that can be used in many different aspects of life.

MyWish will be available in the form of digital currency named WISH token. Penjuakan will start on September 20, 2017 and will expire 20 days later. There will be about 105 million million token WISH be created, with the price offered is about $2 per 1 WISH token equivalent 0.00067 ETH. Purchase can be made with maximum sales target with Ethereum approximately 20 million million USD. Prepare well in order to facilitate the ERC20 of our wallets in the sell and buy transaction. Also get bonus last purchases in certain times.

MyWish is the fruit of teamwork led by Vladimir Tikhomirov, who works closely with managers, developers, consultants, marketing experts and experienced professionals in their field. the attempt to give their best to their ability in the project.

Token WiSH will be sold at the ICO with details of sale below.
The Structure Of The Sale Of The Token.
Start time: September 20, 2017
End time: 11 October 2017
Funding minimum: $1 million
Maximum funding: $20 million
Receive payment: Etherum
Price: 1 Token = WISH 0.00067 ETH
30% off on sale the first day
20% discount if the sale of the second day have not reached 19%
10% discount if the third day sales have not reached 19%
There is no discount if sales already surpassing the 27.6%



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