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MyTvChain develops a new generation platform for sharing sports videos and a new ecosystem for sports clubs. Fans have the opportunity to shoot (through mobile programs developed Mytvchain), publish their videos, animate and share through social networks, receiving tokens (in the form of signs MyTV) as a reward for themselves, as well as for their sports club; Providing services and financing for the club and community.
The Mytvchain income model is based on transaction and online services.
Mytvchain Technology team and experts blockchain build a new model for sports clubs, where video creators and viewers perform a transaction directly on the block and remove the need of intermediaries, such as YouTube or Facebook.
With Mytvchain the community recovers control of the platform, and the community itself determines the value of the content.
MyTV Token-A new Exchange environment and rewarding for the creation, sharing and viewing of videos in the community Mytvchain. MyTV token will have a wide range of use in the community.
Mytvchain has already tested their concept through a prototype ONEPLACE2B platform ( where they have already built a community with more than 25 000 users who have created more than The audience was made from very small sports clubs in the south of France and their respective members (including players, fans, supporters, friends, and families). This experiment was made as evidence of a concept that proved successful based on these findings.

In addition, users will have a special purse mytvchain for safe storage of their tokens MyTV, with the ability to transfer their tokens MyTV to the sports club of their choice or any other external purse.
Mytvchain Revolution Sports Video. Mytvchain is open to every sports association and any athlete. This allows them to simply create your own TV online for free and increase your audience and income. Mytvchain provides leaders of clubs, committees, federations, athletes digital instruments to mobilize the community around their TV to help them in financial support of their activities.
The use of a token instead of cash makes a huge difference in the ecosystem at present. The use of a token allows you to use much more functionality than just a FIAT transaction. In addition, to facilitate the transaction on the platform, MyTvChain  uses token as proof of revision, which is celebrated by time and recorded to manage the system of awarding and donating.

Blockchain expands public relations. Based on the blockchain, every community, from the pros of clubs and amateurs to groups sharing a passion for sports, can easily earn revenue from watching videos and selling services. Because the blockchain provides accurate tracking of the contribution, it also allows you to directly distribute the generated value.
A community with a new platform, tracking deposits using blockchain, evaluating audiences, can establish direct relationships with community members. Fans/producers of video clubs can sell their content no matter where they want because the blockchain platform allows you to honestly track the use and reward for the relevant contributions to the stakeholders and clubs.
Blockchain allows direct public relations between the participants.
The effectiveness of marketing and its impact are becoming more accurate.
The revenue model is based on the Freemium offer, complemented by the ability for sports clubs to sell additional services to their communities where viewers receive a token while watching a video. Viewers can then donate their token to the best video director to reward the best videos or donate them to their favorite club.
For participant (Spectator)
MyTvChain The model allows the user to become a member immediately and depending on their choice, access to multiple levels of rights, such as free membership: free access to Web TV.
Web TV Creator (club)
This model allows the club to immediately create its own web TV (after checking on mytvchain) and then depending on their choice, access to several levels of rights, such as:
Free Web TV: Free creation of web-TV in the network Mytvchain ( Club).
Private Web TV: Creation of private web-TV, where participants should pay a monthly subscription fee (with the division of incomes between club and Mytvchain).
PREMIUM Web TV: Create a private subscription to a white label Web TV based on a subscription (MY_CLUBTV) for the club.

Offer services.
* Geoblokirovki Services, monthly membership or on request
* Pay-per-view video, monthly membership or on demand
* Private channel, by the membership
* Pay-TV, by the membership
* Software production, by the membership
* Small Equipment
* Rifle Team
* Sale of services for their derivative products and services
* Content Promotion Service (via Mytvchain)
* Multiple Live services (if more than one event is broadcast at the same time)
* Services of communication (creation of leaflets, printouts, the creation of films after shootings or the best of them)


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