MYTC  – Today, there are millions of medium and small enterprises in the world that trade or barter. The problem is that there is no single decentralized platform for all these enterprises. Existing members of barter trade exchanges have limited access to players from other platforms, they are subjected to excessive high commission fees, controlled by centralized accounting, the value of the trading dollar depreciates Due to limited members who cannot trade with each other due to restrictions. It turns out that business, especially small and medium, can trade only with those whom they know and locally locate near them.
What is MYTC?
MYTC (MY. Trade. Coin)-translates as “My trading coin “.
The purpose of the project is to implement a decentralized platform that will help the development of small and medium businesses. For transactions, It is proposed to use a single digital currency MYTC TOKEN. MYTC will help the client with his barter/trade, while he focuses on working with cash and other his worries.
What does the project offer?
 To help all small and large enterprises to trade with each other without Borders (absence of the mediator). This is the advantage of a decentralized system.
 Low exchange rate compared to existing platforms. Current exchanges take approximately 5-6% per transaction. MYTC will offer payment of only 0.5%-1% per transaction.
 Attract potential new customers by opening new markets with other members of other platforms. Each new customer brings income on top of what you already get, which will help to increase profits.
 Improving the cash flow by matching the token. The digital currency of the project will give, so to say, the second breath to the business, because the client will be able to focus on cash, expansion, and investment in the business.
 The ability to resell assets or shares purchased from other barter companies to their clients for cash, which will help increase cash flow and profitability.
 Back up your investment with a digital token that is supported by millions of users and business traders around the world.
 A decentralized application will help to trade at local, national and international levels in a non-cash society with comfort, that all transactions were transparent and safe.

What will the client get?
 Payment of goods and services by another form of currency, which is accepted by sellers and users around the world.
 Risk control. By owning MYTC tokens, the user can acquire real goods, services, and assets within the ecosystem. You’ll avoid inflation and stagnation of your tokens.
 A quick search of the latest offers of trading players at local, national and global levels.
 The creators of the project declared that it will be possible to integrate new platforms without problems. When new ecosystems are added, the user will be able to interact with new traders and carry out transactions that previously could not be achieved.
 Possibility to offer a new payment method in MYTC tokens for services and completed tasks.
Scheme of the project

MYTC is a digital currency (token) based on the Ethereum protocol.
The total number of issued tokens will be 300 000 000.
No other tokens are scheduled to be released.
Members of the Bounty company tokens will be transferred immediately after the release.

How do I join a project?
In order to qualify as a private investor, you need to fill in the form on the official website of the project (see “Useful links “). If the questionnaire is filled in correctly and approved by the developers, you will be given instructions on how to purchase MYTC tokens. If you invest early, the investment in 1eth will give you 10 000 tokens MYTC. The Prestige bonus (primary token sales) lasts until the Hard Cup (the Maximum collection) is reached by the size of 5000 ETH.

Additional Information
The list of investors is regularly checked and updated. Because the team must verify the data that you provided, the response may be delayed. To receive tokens you need to provide your ERC20 purse number.

A little about the team
All members of the project team are represented on the official website, as well as links to their profiles on the Linkedin social network. I did not lazy and looked through the profiles of the creators of the project: John Tu, Behrada Izadi, and Jose Alvarado. I can say that these people are real professionals in the fields of their activities. For example, John Tu has a great experience of the marketer and the developer of digital technologies and also is the co-founder of two more perspective projects. Behrad Izadi participated in the mass of successful projects as a software developer, and Jose Alvaro has created dozens of different applications for Android and other platforms.

Old mechanisms and ways of management of any sphere of our activity gradually survive. In parallel with these processes, digital technologies have entered the active phase of development. Innovation is gradually being introduced, but not as fast as we would like. The model of business relations requires reconstruction, and that is why the MYTC project appeared. Blockchain platform, I think, is exactly what business needs today. MYTC will help thousands, maybe even millions of businessmen to trade not only locally, but also globally. Business can not worry about data loss or hacking, because the platform is decentralized. The main thing is to believe in the project and in the Blockchain system. I think the project has a great future.


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