MyCro – Simply Getting The Job Done

MyCro –  is an intuitive interface platform designed for people who have no time or skills to work at home. For example, if you want to clean your apartment, but you don’t have the time, so you can put your work into your app, allowing you to communicate with other Members who can help you. For people who are looking for a job at a local location, they can easily start their work through the Mycro platform.

What is Mycro?
Mycro is an intuitive mobile app that you can use. Simple short-term tasks can be placed on the Mycro network free of charge. Mycro uses intelligent and self-learning algorithms known on dating platforms to meet these challenges in a timely manner. He’s working. The person gets the time and the other gets the money.
The success of Mycro is based on intuitive usability. The need for job search and job search should be done quickly and easily. This is done by matching the correct applicants with the right applicants. The two parties then reached their destination. Daily needs are good for job seekers. Interesting and seductive work for job seekers.

Our Vision
We have committed ourselves to protect life from the most valuable gifts that people offer: time.
Time binds us all, regardless of our social origin or rank. Limited time. Limited time. We can not take or prolong the time. MyCro In today’s world, most of our time is under external control. Time depends on our work, our clients, our social obligations.
That is why we believe that every person in the world has the right to control their time. This is our vision for realizing this right.
We will build a global peer network that is possible for simple tasks. People all over the world have to choose what they do, when and for whom they work, and how much time they have.
Our mission is to give everyone access to this opportunity regardless of whether they originate from a village in Vietnam, on the outskirts of Berlin or in midtown Manhattan.

Home Services
Gardening, cleaning, cleaning, declaring, small repairs, cleaning of windows, washing, ironing, cooking
Making products, driving services, transportation services, delivery services
Virtual Service
Internet research, travel planning, emergency services, administrative work, online surveys
Professional Services
Tutoring, photography, modeling, piano lessons, computer settings, TV installations, DJs, waiters, internet communication agencies

Why do we need the Mycro platform?
Today in the world rich people lack jobs such as cleaning houses, fabrics, parks and some others. But some people have too much time to spend on recreational activities, so the Mycro platform will help users who want to work part-time to improve their living standards. Some people, such as entrepreneurs, do not have time to give their families or enjoy life so that people who have not yet managed to buy their time on this platform.

Equalizer Time and money
Mycro solves the problem of time and money by creating innovative decentralized platforms that will help users create a balance between time and money. For users who do not have time for certain types of work, you can publish your work, and other people who want to cash in will be able to find work through the application Mycro. Their platform will satisfy both job seekers and labor providers by building trust and ensuring the right jobs for the right people. Applicants must scroll through the page to find a job that matches their skills.

Reputation system
MyCro Reputation and ranking mechanisms are very important in every industry, and according to experts, more than 60% of people read reviews online before buying anything. Our current evaluation mechanism is a centralized system, but on the Mycro platform, when the work is done successfully, user feedback will be stored in the smart contract. The ranking will be related to the work on the fulfillment of the user’s address, which resolves the problem of false ranking.

Facts and Specifications
Symbol: MYO
Softcap: 3.5 million euro
Hardcap: €14 million
Tokenaanvoer: 100 000 000 MYO
Private sales: 26 000 000 MYO
Main sales: 40 000 000 MYO
Blockchain Specifications: ERC20 Tokens
Participation in the method: ETH *
Start ICO: Q4/2018

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