Muzika Transforming The Music World Through Blockchain

Muzika – But what we can say today is one of the biggest places in the entertainment industry. In this area, a lot of money revolves, which basically falls into the pockets of record labels, and only a small amount goes to the performers themselves. Sometimes it happens that they are paid much less than they deserve.
According to experts, the performers today receive from ten to fifteen percent for their work, the rest of the budget goes to the costs associated with the promotion of the album, the Wages of producers and distributors.

Today, with the help of modern technology, each of us has the opportunity to listen to your favorite songs in streaming mode. It is also worth mentioning that most of the artists of the Nineties have received much more money, unlike the current music performers, because the sales of CDs were mostly in retail stores, and now anyone can download any song from the Internet and listen to any number.
Experts have long said that the revenue of the music industry is significantly reduced every year because access to the song can be obtained without buying a CD. The problem of pirated content has long been in this area, but until now has not been declared a real tool for the solution.

With the advent of blockchain technology, this problem can be solved using the innovative developments of the Muzika music platform.

Muzika plans to remove the boundaries between the performer of the song and his listener, using all the advantages of blockchain technology. In addition, the platform will strive to drastically reduce the profits of the distributor, manufacturer, and music label, which receives most of the profits.

This means that the platform will be absent all sorts of commissions and various types of cash deductions, and almost all profits go into the pocket of the artist.

Muzika strives to create a musical system that will radically change the entire music industry, give it independence from various intermediaries, expand many opportunities for all users of the platform, make it fully Decentralized and will create economic stability.

It should also be noted that the Korean company has long been working and has made great strides in solving many problems of the digital music industry. Muzika So, in 2015, the online music platform Mapiacompany was launched, and over the next three years it became an international platform with an audience of more than 2 million people, and its customer base is constantly growing. Undoubtedly, this is a huge success for developers and a serious competitive advantage, because the team is cohesive and has the experience of creating a working product that is
Muzika Studio v 0.1.0 (2018.09.20) is already available to download MAC, Windows, Linux.

Independence. After the final creation of the platform for all users will be available comments, reviews, analytics, and reviews.
On the platform, the market of musical instruments and services will be accessible to users.
Each user can invest in a musician whom they love to listen to, and as a reward for their sponsorship, they will be given some advantages on the platform that will be available only to sponsors.
Competition programs for performers. The developers of Muzika platform plan to encourage a large number of performers to participate in these competitions, so talented artists will be found.
Live broadcasts of concerts. Streaming music

Platform ecosystem
Muzika The developers plan to create an independent, self-contained ecosystem in which the main actors will be artists and listeners, in which all awards will be honest and deserving of attention.
The ecosystem consists of smart contacts, through which performers and listeners among themselves will be an honest and transparent exchange of musical works. Blocked and intelligent contracts on the platform will be used to protect the copyright of performers.
Fans will also receive an award in MZK Platform tokens for participation in various competitions and other events. They will be able to vote for the best performer and directly sponsor them, encouraging them to create new music content. All the tools available on the platform will act as existing intermediaries in front of distributors and publishers and equitably distribute compensation for high-quality music content.

MZK token distribution
The main currency for Exchange on the platform, including trade and investment, will be the internal token MZK, the standard token ERC-20, based on the block-chain Ethereum. It will also serve as a vehicle for the creation of an autonomous ecosystem, means for the purchase of goods and services and many other functions.

MZK Standard: ERC20
Main sales: 205 million MZK
Total will be released: 1 billion MZK
Rigid cover: 20 000 ETH

Conclusion :
Muzika It is no secret that the music industry has a lot of money, so there are many problems that prevent musicians from getting adequate remuneration for their work. But with the advent of a platform like Muzika, this problem may disappear as this ecosystem provides fair rewards through the use of blockchain technology and smart contracts. Given the fact that the guys from the team have long been working together and already have a working product with a large audience around the world, everything should work for them.

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