Multiven – The World’s First Blockchain Based Marketplace IT Products

Multiven – wants to realize itself as a unique, new decentralized (blockchain) project that provides access to fully independent software to provide cybersecurity for all devices with Internet support. crypto networks, and at the head of which of course were and remain bitcoins and  are the basis for creation and improvement team of developers of artificial intelligence, which will serve as a solution to protect against any variety of cyber attacks, burglaries and Causing harm to your software, on which is stored of course always very valuable information.

Multiven wants to provide artificial intelligence as a free service installed on the equipment that will be offered to the whole world for the integrity of the software by providing these protections to internet networks around the world.
The use of Multiven products will be encouraged by their coin multicoin, which is designed for financial circulation in the interior of the entire Multiven system.

Thanks to new IT-technologies, namely such as, the blockchain, it is possible absolutely every device connected to the company Multiven to formalize and track on the internet that will be reliable and safe.
For the sale of computer and network equipment for general use, the company Multiven launches the Multiven Open Marketplace platform. With this platform, the cost of services in the global market between producers and end consumers will decrease, and this is achieved thanks to their token multicoin. After all, all transactions will be made only by them and this will be excluded from the old scheme of purchase and sale of all intermediaries. This will lead to a decrease in the cost of the computer and network equipment, which would lead to cooperation with the company a large number of people and companies.

The global plans of the company Multiven previously could be compared with movies fiction, but today we see you can say the technological revolution and wonder not even have to. Multiven plans to make use of Bitcoin network and absolutely all nodes in orbit (NIO). This extension will increase the scope of the global network and make it completely invulnerable to all cyber attacks. Nodes in orbit will eliminate the risk of centralization of bitcoins and other networks every second, which will ensure full geographical decentralization and ensure the durability of use of Bitcoin and another cryptocurrency on the basis of blockchain technology.

From all this it is possible to highlight the goals of the company:
 All of the company’s objectives are based on the lack of independent and apolitical hardware and software vendors to support the security and decentralization of all software worldwide.
 The secondary mission of the company in its desire to simplify the purchase and sale, as well as the distribution of its own technologies for computer and network equipment in the market.

What is the purpose of the ICO
The ICO is based on the Multiven company’s desire to maintain full independence from banks and venture capital funds. While maintaining full financial independence, the project team creates a new ecosystem for the sale of tokens.
Multicoin is based on the standard ERC-20, having shortened marking MTS.
Multicoin will be available for purchase during the pre-sale period, as well as during the public sale, which will be held from July 1 to October 9, 2018. The price during the ICO will be fixed at €0.5 per coin. The sales of tokens they want to attract by the maximum standards are 100 million € the application is certainly serious, but the goals are not weak. The reserve of the company’s coin will go to the acquisition of intellectual property and other assets for Multicoin Corporation, due to which will unite the entire structure of the company, thus ensuring the liquidity of the coin.
After the ICO, the main office will have the main task to redeem all tangible and intangible assets to ensure the continuous operation of the network, after which the entire company is merged into a single corporation Multiven Foundation.

Conclusion :
Multiven Before the multiven are simply enormous complexity and importance for the technological-system development of the goal. With the successful implementation of the project all to one to trust, and adopt the technology blockchain, will begin to use everywhere cryptocurrency based on that blockchain because it is safe, what everyone is trying to achieve. The cost of equipment and computer equipment will be seriously reduced in cost and it is also merit blockchain, due to smart contracts intermediaries can withdraw from the game. I believe in this project and wish good luck to the team of developers to come to the intended results and to transfer the world of technologies to a new stage of development.

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