Mossland is a Location-Based AR (Augmented Reality) Mobile Game

Mossland” mobile gaming is Augmented Reality (AR) based location based on real estate. Users can identify the real property nearby, acquisition and offer them in-game. Virtual property in the game can be traded and disbursed through the exchange of kriptocurrency, so that users will take the time and effort to enhance the value of their property.

Mossland-Location Based Mobile AR Game
Location Based Services (LBS) are becoming popular because the GPS capabilities have been available since the use of smartphones personally. Based on the availability of the GPS, users will compete to take ownership of virtual buildings and shops nearby, aka Check-in Games.

Check-in to the nearest property
Check-in-Action basis Mossland was Check-in. users can search for the nearest building based on its location and check in to one of them.
The properties of the virtual in-game assets is based on the value of real estate. In the case of Foursquare, users can register a Point of Interest (POI) without any verification process, so maybe there are some POIS for the same place.
Accessories-Accessories are the AR object attached to the property. A game distinct Mossland with social game to the traditional check-in by increasing the property with the time, effort and in-game currency.
The size of the physical properties and accessories will play a great role. Because the screen display camera is based on the AR is actually from the user’s device, a landmark building with great accessories can draw users away and make them check in. Therefore, the buildings are taller and larger can be landmarks will have a higher value in the game.
Items to get the accessories, the user needs to collect the Item ‘ random ‘ with the checkin of the Properties. Rare accessories can be obtained only from rare Products and large quantities of gold.
Trade Properties
Acquired Properties in Mossland can be traded among users through the auction house and a special currency for the auction transaction is Moss.
Currencies-there are a total of 3 currencies in Mossland. First, gold is the currency in the game that is most commonly produced by the gameplay and spent by users without any control of supply. Gold is valued in accordance with the check-in, the achievement of the mission and the top level and can also be recharged by purchase in the application of mobile application store.
Users can specify User Auction Properties or their Accessories on the auction house to be traded with other users. Transactions between users managed in an open auction system and does not allow direct trade between users.

The Advertising Platform For P2P (Peer To Peer) Based Location
Most of the advertising market is controlled by big advertisers with large capital to advertise their products or services to the general public are not specified. This requires a big spending but still difficult to reach the target audience. Therefore, a small local shop owners find difficult advertising executed and tend to look less good results when they run an ad campaign. The advertisers want to target local users around with a low advertising budget to direct impact their business.

Mossland provides location-based advertising platform to meet the needs of the local stores. The basic structure of the ad platform is described in the picture.

The flow of campaign ads in the Mossland
Each user Mossland can run advertising campaigns and advertising channels based on a specific property. There are two cases that runs advertising campaigns; the advertising campaign on the property of advertisers and other users of the Property. In the latter case, the property owner’s consent is required for the campaign. For both cases, there is no process of review or approval to run an ad by ad operator.
Moss Coin And Moss
There are three types of in-game currency of Mossland. Among them, Moss was the controllable by the company currency to be used for the purchase of Properties and accessories and running P2P advertising campaign. There are three ways to acquire Moss:
Acquisition of Stock Cryptocurrency
Acquisition through purchase in the application in the application
Acquisition by Ad Engagement
Details Of The Sale Of Tokens

Details Of The Sale Of Tokens
Schedule Token Sales March 12, 2018
The Purchase Token Ethereum
The price of a Token 10,000 MOC/1 ETH
A bonus of 2.5%-15%
A total of 500 million Token Supply MOC


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