Morpheus Network Designed in Consultation With Some of The World’s Largest Shipping

Morpheus Network  To understand what problems would be resolved MORPHEUS, consider a simple example. Suppose a company in Spain would like to order a new engine for the engine. Motor with good quality and reasonable prices are only produced in Japan. Spain company signed a contract of sale and pay the machine. Furthermore everything looks simple at first glance. You only need to deliver containers with machines to Spain. But there is no such types of transport which will soon transport the goods from Japan to Spain production shops.

Therefore, the people of Spain began to study logistics, to choose the shipping options. After a long selection of transportation options and carefully, Spain can choose the sea route. To send a ship from Japan to Egypt. then from Egypt by Spain’s dry cargo ship South Spain. Then go to the factory. The overall logistics chain is 50 days. And this will greatly hamper the development of the production, which will cause a decrease in profit for the month to two …

It doesn’t matter how Spain tried to find a way out of the situation through the logistics of air transport, it is not possible to negotiate with the airline of Spain. A call to the mediation logistics company Russia, China did not give anything. It turns out that the mediator only provide their planes, others cannot use it. The price of all intermediaries is 25 times more expensive than by sea, and the speed of his delivery down only twice. But not only that, it turns out that the intermediary flight flight demanding payments with their own money, and the payout varies every day. This means that not only is it necessary to reserve bank through the purchase of foreign currency exchange, as well as contract and, therefore, the payment amount is constantly changing …

As we see, there are many problems that complicate the lives of many companies around the world. Many companies that do not have their own logistics structure, bear the costs of and the middlemen are great, lost a lot of time. And all this costs the ordinary consumer, befalls us, because we have to pay for the goods much more expensive.
And now imagine that there will be a single international logistics systems and fully automated. The effort will start work without delay with a maximum productivity, there will be no unnecessary costs to the provider. The price of goods to many ordinary people automatically go down 15-20% I need this?

The system of import and export
And now back to our project MORPHEUS NETWORK, which creates a single platform like that with an internal currency for instant payments to service logistics.
Do you want this project to work with full force, and whether you will be buying shares of such companies:

I would like to, I recommend that you also participate in the pre-sale token ICO from the MORPHEUS network project. Profit in the coming year from the purchase of shares of the company are expected to be soaring. Not to mention the profits in the coming years. Single platform Morpheus will simplify and automate the necessary logistics for the international transportation of any complexity, both for companies and individuals.
This is possible thanks to a great team, including specialists experienced in the field of logistics, customs and banking, and accounting.
The results of this project is “full import and export System”, in accordance with all laws and regulations of the customs of the world.There is also an automated system to create original documentation and original documentation logistics, which creates a template for later use in the process of the main processing.
Morpheus network will allow suppliers, manufacturers and exporters from around the world obtain their local currencies in over 200 countries. Instead, import the importer can send their own currencies to finance the purchase in other countries.

This is achieved through integration with SWIFT, which allows you to directly transfer funds to more than 1,600 banks.Thus, the network allows any company or individual to make a purchase and a complex international shipping, regardless of the scale of the transaction, smooth, easy and instant.
The MORPHEUS Network Platform:
Intuitive and easy to navigate. logistics solutions easier searching platform, add the target Smart Contract in the supply chain.You can easily see the flow of funds and documentation within the framework of the network functions, such as Morpheus payment transaction quickly and digitizing the documents.The platform contains the parameter variable that sets the document to a broker and forwarder customs.

Morpheus is the project part of the token MORPH:
The token “MORPH” intended to support the overall network of Morpheus.
The token is a value-based utility. Microsoft Dynamics ERP system integrated with 365 SWIFT for international payments directly.
Token Morpheus would be associated with any currency or other 74
Crypto-different currencies, directly via the platform integration Shapeshift.

The token gives users access to a network of Morpheus. The most important task of Discerning Contract from global supply chains is an international payment.The purpose of the Token payment tool is be Morpheus universal in real time, which is required to complete the payment as the purpose of the contract. Integration with Swift will allow you to send payments to more than 1,600 banks worldwide with a currency that is required based on the

Smart Contracts:
Sales of ICO token MORPH:
The sale of the Token is the way to raise the minimum investment for the development of the project company. This is a great method, because everyone in the world can get certain rights in the company, regardless of wealth or status. Token Sale enables each person and each person has a form of ownership in a company they trust and support. Prepaid sales early PRE-SALE on February 23.

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