MoonLite Several Industrial Scale Data Centers in the Crypto-Currency Mining industry,

MOONLITE¬† is the blockchain-based startup that aims to revolutionize the kriptocurrency mining industry through the development of “green” agricultural. The company will utilize green energy mining which is worth 100% to mine popular crypto as Bitcoin, Dash, Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin. This list will be expanded to accommodate more crypto-kurrensi after one year of project functionality.

Moonlite offers pro fi nabilitas industrial scale while producing lower cost for that source of energy. 100% of the energy required for moving livestock mining will be produced using Hydro power resources, geothermal, and wind. The company will base its first mining operation in the capital of Iceland, world data center. Iceland has one of the most conducive weather conditions for kriptocurrency mining and electric power are cheap. The climate of Iceland is cold will act as a natural cooling agents for mining operations, eliminating the need for traditional infrastructure will be extensive and expensive cooling. The country also boasts a literacy rate 100% making it one of the highest educated countries in the world with a highly professional workforce.

Moonlite will utilize a number of emerging technologies that are built on a sophisticated Artificial Intelligence Network and custom algorithms to maximize profit and operating efficiency kriptomining.

Moonlite logically structured with diligence and professionalism to consolidate kriptocurrency mining purposes by using the latest technology. Developed by a team of talented and versatile, Moonlite aims to reshape the future of mining kriptocurrency through 100% eco-friendly platform.
MNL, The Crypto For lucrative Mining
Token token from the Monthlite MNL will act as network storage value for all users. Tokens are compatible with ERC20 is the first of its kind for the industry by presenting the holder of kriptomining unique opportunity to swap this token for shares of the company in the near future when the Moonlite went public with its own IPO.

Moonlite will also buy back the token twice each year, allocate 35% of its annual corporate profits for this program. This token will be burned immediately, permanently reduce the total 100 million total outstanding MNL. The existing token will benefit from destruction because the token will have an increased growth rate that evenly.

Instructions regarding the allocation of the profits and the management of profits generated by operational activities Moonlite will be agreed upon with the voice of holders of the token. This will ensure the highest level of transparency not only the revenue generated by the company, but also operations, providing a high level of confidence to the team. The team will also implement a period of 180 days to the vestasi token allocation on its own, adding another layer of trust to that project.

Moonlite Strategy
Mine is the largest and most currencies stable using the most efficient equipment
Mine on an industrial scale and exploit economies of scale and reduce overhead costs proportionately
Aggressive expansion and equipment replacement policy
Mining in some ponds, and the knot inside the House for each currency
The cost of the labor and HUMAN RESOURCES are maintained at a minimum in areas with low electricity costs
Redundancy is built into every system
The results of the split into a ratio of 60:20:20
Strength and core competence, the force will be achieved in the introduction and maintenance of security and redundancy:
Some currencies stable mined
Some of the ponds are managed as well as local nodes
Some power supply and internet connection
Some mining sites
Backup server
Some of the hot and cold storage wallet
Backup PSU, hardware and systems
Purchase Information Return Token

Moonlite would allocate 35% of its annual company profits to buy back premium rates MNL token.
We see this approach is fundamentally different from most previous ICO to successfully raise funds for product development but failed to give investors a return that matters.
We will use the following methodology to calculate the purchase price of the returned token:
{[(35/100) x Annual Company Profits] x [number of tokens that are owned/token total]} + the price of the current Token
Simple, Moonlite will distribute to holders who want to sell token token in the repurchase, their share is equivalent to 35% of the company’s net profit after Interest, Tax, Depreciation Amortization & beside the current market price for their token.

Purchase back first only offered to Presale contributors only, and will be offered in a purchase offer is closed. If there is a remainder of the distribution that is available after the main contributors back, it will be open to all other token holder through an order to buy stock.
After that, we’ll be offering repurchase transactions by using the same formula to all holders of a token every 6 months after financial reports and audit results have been prepared, by means of common stock purchase order.

All holders of the token will receive a notification of the number of deals within 2 weeks after the release of half-yearly financial reports, and will receive a weekly reminder in term of 4 weeks until the opening of the session token buy back.
Effectively, Moonlite will place an order to buy common stock at 6 weeks after the release of financial results. Coin holders will receive their buyback in the form of BTC or ETH.

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