Monvid The New Generation of Decentralized Streaming Platform

Monvid We all love to watch videos or movies, favorite TV series. But it happens so that our country introduces restrictions on viewing of the TV shows or closes our favorite video hosting. Sometimes it’s very annoying. Censorship is imposed on everything we used to love to watch. We try to find a loophole as if to look at what we want, but not always it turns out. In China, Youtube is completely banned. I am pleased to introduce to you a new platform Monvid which will solve all our problems associated with censorship in our countries.

The Monvid platform is a decentralized network organization that uses the blockchain technology to remove channel data restrictions and creates a video streaming platform that is easy to use and free of Advertising. The purpose of the Monvid platform is to launch the platform and circumvent all restrictions and censorship around the world. Wherever you are, you will be able to view your favorite shows. Thanks to the use of blockchain technology, Monvid will be able to provide services with much better and cheaper services than other companies.

The platform will be designed to work in two ways. The video transfer is equal. This feature will allow content owners and video creators to share their videos so that everyone can watch for free and without fees. This video can be rewarded by community members. Every time a user views a content creator’s video and wants to support his work, he can reward him with MVID tokens. These awards may depend on the quality of the video and the quality of the broadcast.

The Monvid platform allows users to circumvent restrictions that prevent them from showing videos on a typical centralized platform. Due to its decentralized nature, the user can create a bridge between the platform and himself, using his computer wherever they are. That is if the user is in one country and the creator of the video is in another, and the user wants to transfer the content, but due to certain limitations in the usual situation, it would be impossible. With Monvid all restrictions can be easily bypassed and pass the video. The user is always safe because the platform accepts only streaming packets.

Privacy-with blockchain technology, Monvid ensures that every content creator and user information will be safe. Cost-effectiveness-Monvid differs from competitors who require subscription fees. Monvid is distributed across decentralized networks, allowing content creators to freely share their resources with community members. Without advertising-Monvid aims to give users the opportunity to broadcast video without advertising. Ownership of copyrights by manufacturers-on Monvid platforms, content creators have sole ownership of each content they create. They have the power to control in their own way. Transmission of encrypted data-data transfer on the encrypted and invisible platform Monvid provides additional security for each user and content owner.

The Monvid project team includes professionals in areas such as Blockchain developers, software developers, network engineering, and others.
General Information
Token: MVID
Platform: Ethereum
Standard: ERC20
Quantity: 200 million MVID
Price: 1 MVID = 0.03 USD
Payment: ETH, BTC

Soft Cap: 500.000 USD
Hard cap: 5 million USD Preico
Quantity: 22 million MVID
Start: 04.15.2018
Completion: 04.30.2018

Day 1-3-100%
Day 4-7-80%
Day 8-15-50%

Quantity: 118 million MVID
Start: 01.06.2018
Completion: 31.08.2018
Bonus: from 30%

The Monvid project looks very attractive. The idea of the project will help people to watch what they want without any restrictions and in any quantity, wherever they are. With such a team and such developers, the platform should be of interest to millions of people around the world. So the success of the project is ensured.

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