ModulTrade -The Democratization Of Global Trade With Technology Blockchain

MODULTRADE  There is no one place where 400 million micro, small and medium enterprises  can meet, conduct trade easily and readily trusted and get help with trade-related services with cost effective.
Blockchain technology can be used to build a platform that users can add the module to the trust in B2B trading cycle, while simultaneously simplifying the execution of transactions and reduce their costs. ModulTrade have laid the Foundation for creating ecosystem value for global trade: the structure of the value of the blockchain digital network real-time, global, connected, digital, the cost-effective and with features to support solutions fintech further. Developed by third parties.

SMALL MEDIUM ENTERPRISES face many obstacles and barriers in capacity due to its relatively small size. Globally, approximately 56% of trade financing SMALL MEDIUM ENTERPRISES proposals were rejected, compared to only 7% for multinational companies.

ModulTrade aims to remove the main barriers to entry into the global trade and also unify a series of comprehensive services for B2B trading cycle, help SMALL MEDIUM ENTERPRISES meet, committed and do trading global with ease, with the mandate and efficient manner, and introduce the MTRc (ModulTrade tokens) as an instrument of exchange value efficient in modulTrade ecosystems.

ModulTrade Value Ecosystem (MVE) also dreams of becoming an innovative global platform that easily facilitate access of participants to the third party that provides some or more of the following trade-related services:

✔️ Logistics
✔️ Trade Financing
✔️ Taxes and bookkeeping
✔️ Insurance
✔️ Custom brokerage

MVE aims to be a place to easily develop new digital solutions for global trade, the most obvious use case is:
✔️ Supply chain tracking Platform ModulTrade
✔️ Digital thread for Manufacturing Additive (DTAM)
✔️ Invoice factoring solutions for IoT.

ModulTrade’s Value Ecosystem (“MVE”)-an economic Catalyst for democracy In Global trade
By utilizing technology-based smart contracts blockchain, ModulTrade will build ecosystems of value to global trade, namely the structure of the value chain of digital real-time, global, connected, digital, the cost-effective and with features to support solutions fintech further developed. by a third party Solution will allow SMALL MEDIUM ENTERPRISES to increase their revenue while reducing the cost of global trade. This will also allow the developer/service provider third parties gain access to the target users/clients, while reducing development costs and the acquisition of the user. In this framework, the MTRc will be used as the key for the user to connect to a network of global trading and dealing in modulTrade ecosystems.

MVE aims to connect participants to trade globally through four main components:
Multi-platform side of multi platform-based Blockchain: to replicate the trading of financial instruments the bank (letters of Credit and Guarantee) and offers to the participants of this service by way of MVE mandate and cost effective while also connecting it to other services. such as logistics and insurance.
Platform related services trade: to facilitate trade execution through a 3rd party service provider 3 (e.g., payment, logistics, financing, taxes, bookkeeping).
Network Trade: to facilitate Reputation & monetary transaction participants MVE in a capital reputation they become functions of collaboration which has a good reputation within the ecosystem.
Market: to find a reliable counterparty globally and make a choice of the goods and the price is optimal.

ModulTrade Smart-Contract Platform (“MTP”)-The Backbone Of MVE
The main functions of MTP is to imitate the instruments trade finance as bank Letters of Credit (LC) and Bank guarantees.

MTP will provide this functionality to SMALL MEDIUM ENTERPRISES at prices that can be ignored (the cost of the implementation of the smart-contract at blockchain) when compared with 4-15% of the transaction amount that is charged by the bank at the moment.
B2B Trade Transaction Process Is Currently Based On Letters Of Credit Issued By The Bank

In this example, the process of trading Bank Gives confidence in B2B Trading Cycle as a 3rd party With the reputation of “proven” that can be trusted by the community. The Bank Ensures That The Above Items Are Sent The Money Will Be Paid To The Seller.


The Bank Is Responsible To Provide Trust And To Avoid Manipulation

ModulTrade Crypto Token (MTRc), a token ERC-20 issued on Ethereum, constitute key elements of the B2B platform is multi-ModulTrade new platform, which allows users to connect to the ModulTrade platform and ecosystem and to effect the transaction.

MTRc will become a token which will be distributed only during the sales campaign and pre-sale Token. Therefore, the number of token MTRc will be ascertained from late November 2017 that will be secured by smart token contract.

MVE aims to link participants of global trade through four main components:
1. Blockchain multi platform-based Smart-side contracts (MTP): to replicate the bank’s trade finance instruments (letters of Credit and guarantees) and offer this service participant MVE by means of straightforward and cost effective while also connecting them to other services such as logistics and insurance;
2. trade related service platform: to simplify the trade execution through a 3rd party service provider 3 (e.g. payments,
Logistics, financing, taxes, bookkeeping)
3. trade network reputation &: to facilitate monetary transactions MVE capital participants in their reputation as a function of user’s leading collaboration within ecosystems;
4. market: to find reliable partners globally and make the optimal choice of & price.

The trading process is supported by the MTP smart contracts
The MTRc ModulTrade crypto Token (MTRc), the token ERC-20 issued on Ethereum, constitute the key elements of the new ModulTrade B2B multi side platform, which allows users to connect to the ModulTrade platform and ecosystem and deals effect. MTRc will premined a sign which will be distributed only during the pre-sale and sale campaign token. Therefore, the number of signs of the MTRc will still start late November 2017, which will be secured by contract smart token. Demand for the MTRc is expected to be driven by the VE and tissue growth ModulTrade. Other trade transactions carried out through the network of ModulTrade, the MTRc more requests will increase, thereby increasing trade flows is presented in MVE

Details Of The Sale Of Tokens
Schedule Token Sales November 28, 2017-27 January 2018
The Purchase Token Ethereum, Bitcoin, LA, Fiat
The price of a Token MRTc 700/1 ETH
Bonus 10%-30%
A total of 30 million Token Supply MRTc

Evgeny Kaplin-co-founder/CEO
Jean Chaanine-co-founder/COO
Fedor Sapronov-co-founder/Business development
Marco Rosso-co-founder/Product Development
Alexei Katrich-co-founder/Product development and marketing
Vitaly Pykhtin-Product development, Market lead
Dmitry Shipilov Saturday-Product development/Technical lead
Artem Radchenko-Product development/Product Designer
Olya Kolomoets-Product development, Project Manager
Alexey Kosinski-Product development, Blockchain developer
Volodymyr Zinchenko-Product development Full-stack developer

Bernard Lietaer
Dmitry Lazarichev
Richard Schwenke
Andrea Costantini
Richard Watts
Andrea Of Monaco
Angelica Lips da Cruz
Sebastiano Picone
Valentin Preobrazhensky
Richard Ramos
Kelvin Tan
Daniele Azzaro

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