MODULE – Cryptoeconomic Ecosystem on a Decentralized File Storage Network

MODULE – Currently, the life of a person without a phone cannot be imagined. It’s a fact. According to the results of research analysts annually sells approximately 1.5 billion smartphones around the world and this figure increases every year. When you buy a phone you look primarily at the brand, its price, what iron inside and its functionality, camera and memory capacity. For example, you buy a phone with the maximum amount of memory, so just in case, will not be superfluous. It is unlikely that you are using your smartphone to download the full amount of memory available. The question arises, if there is still a lot of free memory on the device, how it is expedient to use it?
To solve this problem, the Module project comes to your aid.

The Module platform is a platform based on the blockchain, the main purpose of which is to give the owner of the gadget the opportunity to donate free memory for rent and for that to receive a reward. It is important to note that the gadget means not only a smartphone but also a PC, tablet and even a game console.

You download the platform application to your gadget and give other users the ability to store their data, for which you get rewarded with MODL tokens. The amount of the reward will depend on the amount of memory you have rented.
You should not worry about the possibility of breaking the data. They will be protected by encryption and divided into fragments, i.e. they will be in different places at the same time. On the platform, each user can run his project, create an application and participate in mining.

Developers also provide an opportunity for large businesses to use the platform to store their data. This is due to the fact that users on the network will be a huge number.

With regard to the platform itself, the test run is planned for autumn 2018. After all the tests in December, the developers release the beta version of the Platform for Review.

The technology at the core of the Module platform is the mining protocol POSTT for decentralized data storage. The point is that there are two participants in the network-this is the one who rents a free space to store the data and the one who buys it. They carry out the transaction among themselves, having previously agreed on the price.

This algorithm includes three components-a confirmation of the location, time and fact of the transaction itself in the network.
Miners will create new blocks, thus supporting the work of the entire blockchain system. Their reward will depend on the number of transactions and the amount of storage at some point.
To implement the whole process at the heart of the POSTT algorithm lies the use of P2P technology on Blokchejne, which involves a node for storage (verifier), to provide storage space (farmer) and miner, which creates blocks, Confirming transactions on the network.

The process is that the farmer gets paid in MODL tokens for letting his free space to store verifier data. They agree among themselves on the sum and conclude a smart contract. Miner processes the transaction and receives a reward. Throughout the chain, there is still a connecting server that performs the analysis of the entire P2P network and blockchain and then chooses the farmer to store the data verifier. The procedure for allocating tokens MODL the base currency on the platform is a token, the ERC-20 standard based on blockchain Ethereum. It is important to note that the Presejle project has collected about 4 mln. Dollars.

Main sales start from August 1 to September 30, 2018
Token: MODL
Total will be released: 15 billion tokens
2.25 billion tokens allocated for main sales
Softkap: $5 000 000
Hardkap: $18 000 000
Token Price: 1 MODL = 0.008 USD
Residents of countries where this is not prohibited are allowed to participate in sales.

The proceeds will be distributed as follows :
40% allocated for future developments
30% go to marketing needed
30% Team

Personally, I am convinced that the idea of developers to use free gigabytes of phone memory and other devices looks reasonable. Many people do not even think about the possibility of making a profit by providing data storage to other users. With the advent of Module, each person will be able to. The project aims to spread worldwide, as evidenced by participation in numerous conferences around the world.

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