MixRent – Decentralized Platform TO RENT AND SHARE VEHICLES

MixRent – Good day, dear subscribers of my blog! Today I want to tell you about a very interesting original and the main topical project. A team of talented developers specializes their offspring on the industry that enjoys great demand-it’s car rental. Travelers and all people who do not sit still and lead an active lifestyle are direct participants in the industry. To date, there are many different organizations that offer a service of this kind. Their advertising is motley with various advantageous offers of shares and discounts.

However, unfortunately, today this service has many drawbacks. These disadvantages include the lack of trust between the tenant and the landlord, the lack of a global platform to accommodate rental services, the high cost of services, the lack of opportunity to use cryptocurrency for payment, hidden commissions and This is not a complete list. The tenant may stumble upon a bad quality car and eventually lose time and money or even cancel the trip. In this area sometimes there are scammers who steal money by fraudulently.

All these and many other problems will allow us to solve a global platform called MIX. RENT.
Mix. RENT is a decentralized platform designed to create a global transport lease ecosystem around the world. MIX Company. RENT already has experience in large countries. The project will allow people to travel as comfortably as possible. On the MIX platform. RENT has already registered more than 10 000 users and more than 7000 cars. MixRent Thanks to the use of blockchain technology, people will be able to satisfy their needs without intermediaries in the form of banks and electronic payment systems, which can delay transactions, take large commissions, block accounts. Landlords, tenants, lenders and the people who deliver cars will interact on the site.

On the MIX platform. RENT will be available to all modes of transport. Users will be able to choose the route, characteristics of the vehicle and will be able to choose the most convenient payment option. After payment of the service, the funds are frozen until the car is returned. If the car was returned to the owner, the smart contract automatically defreezes the funds and all the people who took part in the lease receive a reward in the form of MIX tokens. Each tenant, the landlord on the MIX platform. RENT will be ranked, so the user can always find the best option. If the vehicle is not returned, arbitration will commence.

In the future, developers of the MIX platform. RENT plan to expand the range of its services by renting other things.MIX platform. RENT will be able to facilitate people’s search and offer a global platform for these purposes, therefore investing in the initial phase of the MIX project. RENT can bring a good income.

General conclusion about the MIX project. RENT
MixRent Personally, I really liked the MIX project. RENT. Developers specialize this platform on the real problems that accompany this industry. But this industry is really very popular, so it requires a really strong player who has good technological capabilities to eliminate all shortcomings. MIX Project. RENT is a very good candidate. With all the intricacies of the MIX project. RENT, you can read the links below. Thank you for your attention!

Website: https://mixrent.io
WhitePaper : https://mixrent.io/documents/wp_en.pdf
ANN : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5032670
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/mix.rent.team
Twitter : https://twitter.com/MixRent
Telegram : https://t.me/mixrent
Medium : https://medium.com/@mixrent

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