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MixRent  This year the cryptocurrency market continues to change at a fast pace. The same applies to ICO projects. If last year on the general Bume investor with great pleasure invested practically in any projects which carried good ideas, this year more and more look at such companies, that already have the finished product.
Agree that a ready and active product is a much more practical investment than a team with a hard-to-implement idea, which is only on paper, and not the fact that the company has the strength and experience to fulfill its promises. The finished product requires funds only for expansion and greater distribution of the existing business. Today we will look at just one company with an already ready solution.
It is a valid service with more than 11,000 registered customers and 7,000 vehicles available for rent. Thanks to a simple and understandable scheme of work, Mix. Rent clearly stands out on the general background of ICO projects today and attracts the attention of investors from different areas.
Problem and solution from Mix. Rent
The main problem of the car rental market is the absence of a global world operator You will have to use the services of absolutely different operators, which entails lack and convenience, and accumulative system of discounts and bonuses, and hence the loss of your funds.
Deposits for rental vehicles are also insufficiently protected. In fact, no one can guarantee the return of deposit funds, as the market is full of swindlers. MixRent  And due to the fact that the tenant and the landlord represent, as a rule, jurisdictions of different countries-litigation here is not exactly the best solution.
Most of the tenants of vehicles are tourists. If all this is to shift to blockchain and tokens, everything becomes much more convenient and practical.
Blockchain can also provide a unique and truthful rating for each vehicle and participant of the transaction. And it makes renting vehicles safe and practical as never before.
In general, it is possible to say absolutely honestly and not by the soul that Mix. Rent can really improve the car rental market by means of blockchain technology. It is the latter that will make transactions in this market transparent, honest, fast. Will reduce costs by providing a global service market and using internal project tokens that are not subject to borders and the banking system.
Well, now is the time to talk about project tokens in more detail and deployed. The MIX and ICO token of the project
The mix token, which will be responsible for all operations within the mix. Rent platform can be purchased now as part of ICO. By the way, do not forget to hurry, as the final stage ends already on September 30. The MIX token at this stage is sold for 0.6 USD.
Soft Cap Project is claimed as a mark of 2,000 esters or 1 million USD, Hard cap plans to attract 60,000 esters or 30 million USD.
I also suggest that you take a closer look at the distribution of tokens and tools:
52% of all issued tokens will be spent on raising funds within ICO;
25% will remain in the platform reserve;
10% will be saved by the project team;
8% will be paid to consultants and partners;
5% will remain for the needs of the bounty-writers.
30% of the attracted funds will go to the marketing promotion of the project;
30% to refine platform scaling solutions (including partners);
20% will be spent on expanding the company worldwide;
15% will be spent on insurance of funds attracted to the platform;
5% will remain for future bounty campaigns (after the end of ICO).
MixRent  Overall, I really like the Mix. Rent project. The simple and high-quality solution, the need for implementation, the finished product, which needs only popularization-all this makes Mix. Rent a project, which is not just to pay close attention, but to approach the idea of participation in it.
And despite the fact that Icobench poked the project a fairly average estimate in 3.9, I am sure that this project will be able to show itself in the near future. Do not forget to read more about the project on the links below it will help you to take the only right decision.

Website: https://mixrent.io
WhitePaper : https://mixrent.io/documents/wp_en.pdf
ANN : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5032670
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/mix.rent.team
Twitter : https://twitter.com/MixRent
Telegram : https://t.me/mixrent
Medium : https://medium.com/@mixrent

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