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MiraLab is a software suite to purchase, store and send cryptocurrencies in a way that is easy and convenient. And MiraLab also has the key elements of the service is MiraBox, encrypted container files, which can store one or several types of tokens off-leash, giving better protection to savings rather than a third party, such as a storage Exchange or purse.
very incredible friends all understanding and familiarization with MiraLab CryptoCurrency. In addition to having a very complex notion MiraLab also has features that are safe and sophisticated that they are:
MiraLab features Nominal Box.
that is a feature that is a container with one type of cryptocurrency included
2. MiraLab features the Multibox
that is a feature that can be friends all use for A container with a number of different supported cryptocurrencies configured.
3. MiraLab features the SmartBox
And this is a feature that is very istemewa owned MiraLab. because the friends with A multibox with an integrated smart contracts that allow setting various conditions to open/extract (Exchange rates, third-party confirmation, a specific date, etc.).
4. MiraLab also has features below
Friends can all easily secure storage token
On the computer, flash drive or cloud users. All friends can also Transfer cryptocurrency beyond the blockchain.
Hide the contents
The encrypted file is anonymous — only its creator know what’s inside. The availability of special conditions for opening
For example, not before a certain date, or if the level for bitcoin is greater than a certain value.
the function and what advantages possessed by MiraLab. and why are the friends of all compulsory to choose MiraLab. see below guys:
Because publics MiraLab very trusted.
The proof above all, with the purchase the MIRA token, people who are supporting a new project, a success that makes cryptocurrencies easy and accessible to everyone.
2. The next step like MiraLab Team
MIRA token will be used to cover the service platform. Thus, they will be more in demand after the product launch.
3. And Team also made a token of excellence for distributed.
Mira has two Reserve Fund (Reserve Fund and token dollars) to minimize the risk of market manipulation (pump & dump).
4. And MiraLab also had some keistemewaan for people between the other is. Able to make any owner 3000 token MIRA ($1800) can be a knot of blockchain MiraNet and get remuneration (proof-of-shares).
Able to also make a limited number of 3 300 000 token MIRA does not imply additional emissions. In addition, the company will liquidate up to 45% of the token MIRA who would receive as income in order to support the level of the token. Thus, in the long run, will enhance the value of token MIRA.
Understanding MiraLab already know, His excellence already, its features already. And the last is the goal of MiraLab for the future and a roadmap of what it CryptoCurrency MiraLab? Maybe I will explain this time! check this out guys:
MiraLab in the future
MiraLab is going to be CryptoCurrency the world’s no.1 in this century because of the systems and technology has a very sophisticated and acceptable to society at large.
It will be an easy CryptoCurrency easy sending and of cryptocurrency, similar to the wallet and integration with popular online wallet and Exchange.

November 17, MiraLab will launch phase PreICO.
February 18, ICO stage is in progress.
August 18-stage launch Mira Wallet without contact smart
18 october-stage launch Mira Wallet + MiraLab
18 December-stage connecting the visual designer contract, launched a test versionof intelligent mobile applications
February 19, stage of completion of the work cycle for the first version of the Mira.
August 19-stage Launch custom services. version 2
19 December-stage smart contract Laboratory. Running a test platform for developers.
February 20-stage Launch Versi3
December 20, stage of the guarantor’s service, stock, tribe, Nirvana.
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