MIRA Cryptocurrencies Have Never Been So Easy

MIRA – It’s no secret how fast currency crypto enters the lives of ordinary people. Bitcoin discussed in newspapers, on TV, and people who are far away from the IT market talk about the cost of lunch. However, knowing and able to use it are not the same, and with all the popularity of crypto and blockchain currencies, even now to pay for something with e.g. bitcoin, someone needs to deal with a number of technical questions: How do I It works, how to get the wallet, crypto, how to buy and store other crypto currency, how to save: wallets online, offline or Exchange, how to protect your money from theft, how do I send it?

The Solution Offered By The Mira
Mira to facilitate interaction with crypto currency. To ensure the security and speed of transactions, and to offer a universal solution for all crypto currency in society, we have developed the concept of Mirabox containers. MiraBox is an encrypted file containing the currencies of crypto. To open MiraBox, you must qualify the specific as well as knowing the password.

Software MiraBox Mira:
✔️MIRALAB. IO-online services for MiraBox
✔️MIRAWALLET for PC-desktop applications to work with MiraBox. MiraWallet has open source code that will be posted on GitHub, which lets you open a MiraBox though miralab.io not available.
✔️MIRAWALLET MOBILE-smartphone app for iOS and Android
✔️MIRANET-Blockchain Mira based ethereum

Unique Advantages Of MiraBox:
✔️ Ease of use – it’s easy to transfer and store as it is a normal file that can be transferred outside of the blockchain.
✔️ Security-you can open content with just knowing the password and qualified smart contracts that could be added to MiraBox.
✔️ Transparency-MiraBox open can put MiraLab or MiraWallet and you can find out exactly what is in it. The key data is stored in block MiraNet. If you don’t have a password or if you do not ✔️ comply with the terms of the contract, you will not be able to access the content.
✔️ Anonymity-MiraBox does not contain any data about its creator and can be opened anywhere in the world. To buy or sell packaged kriptocurrency in MiraBox, you do not need to create an account or a wallet. And if you use MiraBox, the content will be completely hidden.
✔️ Fault tolerance-if miralab.io domain is not available, you can go to MiraBox on your desktop or mobile version of MiraWallet application. MiraWallet will always be available for download on GitHub.
✔️ Openness – all software has an open source code that will be posted on GitHub.
✔️ Smart contracts Custom-the possibility of adding the condition of the opening of the MiraBox unique users according to the specifications (e.g., not earlier than the specified date or after the confirmation from the third party).

Technical Features Mira
Main technical details that allow a better understanding of the features of MiraBox was presented next. More details can be found in the technical documentation.

Open content MiraBox include metadata on the content of MiraBox, including the address of the purse where funds are deposited. This ensures that the amount of currency that is listed there is in MiraBox. Encrypted content contains a private key to open the MiraBox.

To decrypt the content, the program requires a password which consists of 2 parts: keyword (created in the user’s browser when creating or buying MiraBox) and key (to open the encrypted content, it is stored in the node MiraNet and sent to the program when users want to unload their vessels).
✔️ Send MiraBox to the application decomposition.
✔️ Enter your password
✔️ Send the request to open the MiraBox.
✔️ Confirm the password
✔️Send permission to open MiraBox (from a technical point of view this is the transfer of the second part of the encryption of a node to contract, after opening MiraBox validated, encryption begins)

The file name is MiraBox do not involve operating function but serve informative. His extension can be modified, this will not affect his work.

By default the name of Mira type:
ID MiraBox are set at the beginning to make it easier to distinguish the files.
Indicator Mira records data for MiraBox open with one type of crypto for comfort.
Files with the extension. mira will be opened in MiraWallet by default.

By developing a Mira, we tried to create a service that would be useful and necessary for new entrants to the market nor any crypto community. So in the year 2017, when it became clear to us that additional funding is required to implement the overall function of our platform, we decided to offer it to the whole community and not list funds ventura. Participating in the ICO Mira, society will participate in the growth of the project in the future which is also designed for their own needs.

Details Of The ICO
ICO Schedule 1 February 2018
Payments Accepted Ethereum, Bitcoin, Dashcoin, Litecoin
Price of 1 = $0.6 $1-MRA
The total supply of Token 30,770,000 MIRA

Dmitriy Baday-CEO
Nikita Novozhilov-CFO
Ernest Shekolian-CTO
Eugene Babichenko DApp-Chief Engineer at 482. solutions
Andrey Skriptsov-COO
Nadia Shcherba-Business developer
Vitaliy Manshin-CMO
Taras Emelyanenko-System and DApp Architect
Misha No-Art Director
Schweppes-Good Boy
Eugene Radchenko-Blockchain Technical Advisor
Alexander Ivanov-Blockchain Advisor

Website : https://miralab.io
Whitepaper :https://miralab.io/Mira_WhitePaper_EN.pdf
ANN : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2367768.msg24142474#msg24142474
Facebook : https://web.facebook.com/OfficialMiraLab/?_rdc=1&_rdr
Twitter :https://twitter.com/OfficialMiraLab
Telegram : https://t.me/mirachat

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