MINERVA (OWL) Smart Money on Ethereum

Introducing The Minerva
Minerva has a special uniqueness. This platform aims to reverse the trade process. Minerva will pay a transaction fee to the business, while users are not charged alias free. So Minerva work as Proof Of Transaction using an algorithm, where someone will get a token only with the transaction. This is a very fresh solutions to make a habit of jagat cryptocurrency especially cryptocurrency users. Welcome to Smart Financial based Ethereum Blockchain. Minerva wearing a tax for each payment will be used for the cost of operating platform. Minerva also implement Smart technology for the process of Contract awarding for transactors.

The target of the first business which will integrate platform Minerva is a live streaming service which generate an average of 20juta USD monthly active users with more than 10 million users. Minerva will provide comparisons at the time before integrating platform Minerva and after integrating platform Minerva, so that clients will be able to distinguish the benefits experienced. Later, Minerva will also be expanded to explore all categories business to become part of the Minerva Smart Money Alliance (MSMA).

Minerva Smart Money Alliance (MSMA) – Smart Money Minerva Alliance is a consortium of organizations proposed that accepts token payment or as OWL strategically partnered with Minerva Technologies S.a.r.l., a company blockchain software housed in Luxembourg and the parent entity to platform Minerva. The platform is planning to work with various groups and individuals to optimize the value of Exchange and storage and secure data transmission.

Minerva adopted Smart technology Contract owned Ethereum Blockchain. Token-based used ERC20 which can be used easily by anyone who has a wallet is compatible with the Ethereum ERC20. Smart Contract itself with security and Justice has to offer as well as transparent, so by using Smart Contract, platform Minerva will be more believable to do business in the field of Smart Money (smart money).

MINERVA is different with BITCOIN
Talking about Minerva and Bitcoin, second platform is distinctly different.
The difference between MINERVA and MINERVA is BITCOIN developed to give a reward or award on the menrima platform token OWL with a reversed transaction fee. And will eliminate the problems in receiving currency crypto. Minerva is a Platform while the OWL is the currency.
Minerva is a platform that very carefully and stays as well as transparent. It is not aka tone on other platforms with lower levels.

60% of sales and Final ICO
10% Founder
10% Long Term Operating Cost
5% Partner cooperation bonus
2.5% Bugs bug
2.5% of the ICO Grace Program

Token information and Crowd Sale
Minerva released token Minerva with OWL ticker which this token based Ethereum ERC20. For holders of a wallet that is compatible such as MetaMask, Parity, Mist and MyEtherWallet for mutual transfer of token OWL. A total of as many as 100juta token OWL to be released, while the allocation of the public sale of the token is 60 million OWL. The normal price of Minerva Token is 0.75 USD/1 OWL while prices of private Pre-Sale is 0.6 USD/1 OWL. Maximum likelihood targets can be achieved is 35 million USD. For the moment there has been no clarity reserved period of ICO, for those who are interested to purchase a token OWL

At the end of crowdsale, the founder of the team will receive a token allocation OWL 10%, depending on the holding period of twelve months (12 months). This token will serve as long-term performance incentives for the team’s founder. An additional 10% will be allocated to long-term operating cost, 2.5% will be allocated for partnership and 2.5% for other bug bounty program. All the transfer token Minerva OWL will be restricted during the two (2) months after the end of crowdsale.



Kevin McSheehan = As Founder/executive producer Minerva
Corey Jackson = As Founder/Lead Developer
Ron Dilorio = as the Co-founder/Strategic Partners
Col = Shtufaj As Creative Director, Brand & UI/UX
Cory Torella = As A Business Development/Marketing
Robert Foster = Solidity As The Lead Developer
Courtney Turner = As HR/PR/Social Media Strategist
Paul = Petratos As Head Of Communication

More Information :
Website: https://minerva.com/
Whitepaper: https://minerva.com/whitepaper.pdf
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MinervaToken/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/minervatoken
Telegram: https://t.me/minervachat
ANN THREAD : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2072362.0

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