Midex Exchange Tokensale The licensed exchange in the heart of Financial Platform

MIDEX was founded to serve the users of the trading platform that guarantees the security of the property and also the transaction costs, this is the thing that is most feared by the merchant. Midex platform was created as a bridge between the currency and financial markets, modern crypto. Despite the fact that it was not long on the market, the number of those who want to register continues to grow. Smart contracts used to do most of the transactions ensuring the absence of infringement. Blocking technology ensure the security and confidentiality of all data users.

How does it work?
For each user will receive a secret key to access the digital wallet Midex. Input was given even though the system is shut down or destroyed. A copy of this key are stored outside of the platform itself is in encrypted form. They are used only in the case of a user permission or for the addition of external account owner.
all operations performed on the platform of the Midex fall into one registry blockage where they cannot be replaced or deleted.

In the event that the system has some type of action cannot be understood that could damage the owner account, then immediately stop work until such time as all the details of what happened were clear. At this time, automatic security protocol was launched, which prevents the theft of funds from the account of the user.

Most of the tools are not stored in the Midex system itself, but on “the wallet cool ” outside Internet or offline. The key that gives access to them is shared between several owners, which prevents the concentration of access in the hands of one owner and ensure financial security.

All these and many other features created specifically to ensure that users are not worried by the Midex platform attacks or fraud cases where the funds from the account may be missing.
Engineering features of the platform
This platform is based on blockchain technology and smart contracts. To prove the fulfillment of a transaction, the functions of the internet of things (IoT) is used.
Secure API allows external systems to interact with one of the services and interfaces: wallet, mobile apps, crypto exchanges, online store, CRM and ERP systems, statistics, trade, robot news and ATM.

The architecture of the platform:
1. Blockchain
2. decentralized file storage (DFS)-Swarm and Storj.io
3. Certified cryptoPRO-CIPF and crypto arm
4. The agent to process external requests
5. The document analyzer

The roadmap
As the development of technology along with the quantity of data, it is planned to implement the following:
1. before ICO: changes to crypto, crypto, escrow, exchanges the public API, the aggregation of quotes, the web platform.
2. Q2: introduction to 2018 P2P lending markets, asset management, receipt of payment, API trade, mobile applications, participation in SWIFT, blockchain.
3. the Q3 2018: savings accounts and settlement, bank card issuance, the bank’s ATM aggregation crypto, crypto, market management trust, the Centre of the mining pool.
4. Q4 2018: the creation of the Midex Coin, loans, Secure system Midex.
5. investment: 2019 Q4 business, market, insurance premium, the ICO.
This project has been presented a step-by-step strategy for development. with the support of the team with specialist software, therefore the contingency plans will be implemented on schedule.
Token for sale,%: 85
ICO public start: January 15, 2018
The token type: ERC20
Payment accepted: ETH, BTC, LTC, DASH
Price: 1 MDX = 1 USD
Crowdsale duration: 12 weeks, until April 15, 2018
75,000 000 MDX Token available Midex to ICO
To create a first-class financial platform, which acts within the framework of a global legal system, it is necessary to withdraw funds on a large scale that allows the system to start the work and also remain independent. That is why the Midex does fundraisers themselves by using the instrument of the most modern and comfortable: ICO, the sale of the token. After the completion of the ICO, all tokens that are not distributed will be destroyed.

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