Mfchain Bridging the Cryptocurrency Gap Between Merchants and Consumers

What is the modern financial chain-mfchain?
The platform is designed to bridge the huge gap between merchants and consumers, as well as a platform for smart protocols using public blocks.

How does Mfchain work?
Mfchain A digital economy is a place where consumers can buy more goods and services absolutely from any cryptocurrency they own at the present time. And they can use it from any number of their favorite merchants. It is a platform on which several interests of different developers and researchers can converge, and further launch their innovative ideas to create and distribute them as applications in the digital world, strongly dependent on the hassle-free transactions in Any currency they find fit to choose.
The platform also provides development that is international and can receive full support worldwide and in different languages respectively. Development data has the capabilities and the library of various smart contracts. Each of them will be created to facilitate the acceleration of development and internal development. It is an ecosystem that is designed to cover each of the existing chains, so it can be accepted and merged into one with cryptocurrency and blockchain

Mission and features of Mfchain.
-The modern financial chain is designed to help the world to adopt new cryptocurrency as quite real types of money and to be treated in the same way as traditional currency.
is a platform that will help the transition to the world with new types of solutions for payment and reward programs of suppliers and consumers, which simplify them with the use of digital cryptocurrency for daily payments.
-The company has big visions on the financial account, will create a system that includes many functions and a very smart process.
-MF main net will be fully integrated with different types of chains on multiple levels, and can also be tested through a sequence of the digital identification process. This identification will also work with compliance with all regulatory rules when they are needed.
-It will also work in conjunction with sensitive user-controlled information through the use of features that are not visible on other platforms.

-The platform will also work with multiple currencies for the ICO targets on the platform. and allow them to be accepted within any number of ICO projects, which need to use multiple currencies through the form of generation and events in real time.
-Multifunctional programming languages are also used, some of them use the most advanced intellectual contracts that the world has seen, and they will be compatible with C + +, C #. Java, Python, Nodesjs & Solidity.
-There is also private blockchain, and they work at the business-enterprise level so that corporations can use their code to distribute their codes on unique launches of private networks. And to add to this, any cross-chain transactions without a centralized exchange platform will work through the atomic Swap process with third-party powers.
-Intelligent Contract Library is also pre-created and useful for all users. Along with the incubator system has what is considered extremely innovative and provides the smartest minds the resources needed to implement their wonderful ideas.

Ico. Highlights.
Token: MFX;
Platform: Ethereum;
Token type: ERC20
Price: 1 ETH = 8500 MFX;
Possible investments: BTC, ETH, MFC;

Minimum purchase: 0.1 eth, maximum 200 ETH

No tokens sold will be destroyed

The tokens will be distributed as follows:
-57% pre-sale;
-19% innovation and marketing;
-16% Incentive program;
-8% developers and consultants.
The allocation of funds will be as follows:
1.50% of funds in ICO will be used for development and promotion of the whole project after ICO completion;
2. The remaining 50% of the capital that arises is locked inside two different purses:
-20% of the capital from ICO will be blocked before the release of the fully functional platform of the payment system MF4
-30% of ICO funds will be blocked until the entire issue of Mnet Chain Mainnet is over.
This also requires the approval of the Board to issue a conditional deposit.

Road map for 2018:
-Technical document;
-Launch of the website;
-Marketing company;
-Pre ICO;
-Integration of Payments BTC, ETH, MFC;
-MVP release;
-Alpha software release;
-beta-testing of merchants;
-beta-testing of consumers;
-Integration of payment systems;
-Developed sales processes;
-Office of Sales Department;
-250 trade operations with MFC;
-Plugin Magento cart, plugin Zen cart, plugin WordPress, plugin WooCommerce;
-Integration with big commerce;
-1000 processing of sales with MFC;
-MFC Standalone POS hardware release.

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