METTA – Uberization Platform For Offline Services

МЕТТА — is a platform for ordering services offline, collect a few service providers in one application. This is a mobile solutions based on geolocation and block-chain. This includes in-house currency, comment system and my Messenger.

«Uberisasi» (direct access to service providers and customers) and the economics of peer (joint use of goods and services) is based on an online aggregator, where goods and services are available in a single interface without an intermediary agent. The most famous Airbnb, Uber, Deliveroo, ZipCar, Spotify has reached tens of billions of capitalization in the past few years and that’s just the beginning. The service helps companies and businessmen to find clients and helping customers get the quality, terms and prices are reasonable. According to PwC, globally the revenue from «Uberization» can reach 335 billion dollars in 2025, compared to 15 billion dollars today.
«Uberisasi» affects all segments of the market. For example, in the year 2016 Uber extends to food supplies with UberEats and carpooling with UberPool, while Airbnb presented the Trips, to increase its influence in the market.
Metta platform to make the next step forward: it introduces the technology chain block in the relationship between the service provider and the customer. Aims:

  • mendorong hubungan penjual-pembeli ke tingkat yang baru dengan kondisi yang sama untuk kedua belah pihak. Kualitas layanannya, tapi bukan anggaran iklan menjadi faktor kunci untuk membuat kesepakatan. Sistem pembayaran yang jelas, berdasarkan kontrak cerdas dan tanggung jawab otomatis menerima jaminan keandalan layanan dan memungkinkan untuk fokus pada aspek yang paling penting — mendapatkan layanan berkualitas tinggi atau barang untuk harga pasar yang kompetitif.
  • untuk mendapatkan ulasan yang benar Hanya klien sejati yang bisa mengomentari layanan yang diberikan. Ulasan akan disimpan dalam rantai blok selamanya. Mereka tidak dapat dihapus atau diperbaiki. Anda selalu bisa mendaftar ke penulis review dengan messenger bawaan.
  • untuk menyimpan sejarah otentik dari objek layanan. Misalnya, perbaikan dan rincian sejarah dalam hal layanan perbaikan mobil.

This document, as an entry point or the initial segment, the market for car service has been selected: repairs, maintenance, spare parts, sale, lease and exchange of car and motor vehicles. In the future we plan to expand the popular offline service segments such as:

  • medical services
  • renovation, rental, sale and maintenance of real estate
  • repair services for household tools, smartphones, computers, etc.

Service providers connect Metta offline with client. Transaction history is stored in smart contracts. A simplified model for the operation of the service,A lifetime deal with the participation of a third party:

This project attracted investment through mixed type of token issuance. Volume of issue 300 000 000, of which token: 210,000 thousand token will be placed on exchanges in two stages:

8 895 539 token will be realized from 20 November to 19 December 2018 in pre ICO with the following discount scheme:
2.201 104 461 will be realized from 1 January to 1 February 2018 in ICO.
90,000 thousand tokens will be given to the founders (30% of the emissions). This token will not be placed on the stock during the period from pre-ICO and ICO, and also for half a year after the ICO was completed, which ensures the functions of smart contracts underlying the procedure of ICO and ICO. The internal value of the token project, giving it the circulation of their ongoing exchange on the advantages and profits, is because:

  • Annual net profit distribution between the holder of a token at a rate of 25% of net income in the period in question
  • Possibility to use tokens as means of payment for the obligations of the participants of the project
  • The growth of a stable project capitalization due to an increase in the number of project participants, access to new markets and segments
  • The problem is limited to the issue of 300,000 will be restricted token token
  • Buy Back the token from the market due to a net profit of project (up to 25% of net income) to maintain market prices the token

The road map

2Q 2017
Market research
Working on a project idea
3Q 2017
Develop technical and economic plan for the realization of the project
White papers, preparing for the pre ICO
4Q 2017
ICO pre-order (20 November-19 December)
1Q 2018
Implement ICO (1 January-1 February)
Increase the number of items from the project team.
Engineering and development of version alpha application Metta
2Q 2018
UI/UX engineering and developed a beta application Metta.
3Q 2018
Launch project on the territory of Russia
4Q 2018
Development and introduction solution chain block into the project
1Q 2019
The introduction of the service offline to Metta: home renovation, medical services, loans, etc.
2Q 2019
Project Launches in the US
Localization services in English United Kingdom Metta
3Q 2019
The launch of the project in the territory of the PRC.
Local services localize Metta
4Q 2019
The launch of the project in the territory of the EU.
Multilingual localization projects.
1Q 2020
Achieve a level of profitability that is expected, the first dividend payment.
Further expansion of the project, either geographically or multimarket.
Mobile application mockup

The volume of issue of tokens: 300,000 Mettakinov
The share of the founder: 90,000 Mettacoins
The cost of the torrent: $0.073
The cost of the torrent: 0.00022 ETH

pre ICO
The distribution of the token to the ICO: 8,895,539 Mettacoins
The distribution of tokens to generosity: 247 388 Mettakins (2.5%)
The amount of funds collected: us $402,000
Estimated price discount: $0.044

Token placement ICO: Mettacoins 201 104 461
The distribution of tokens for the generosity: 5,027,612 Mettakines (2.5%)
The amount of funds collected: Rp 14,682,000
The total size of the bonus distribution *: 177,630,000
Forecast of the growth bonus in 2020:13%
Forecast of the growth bonus 2021:92%
Forecast of the growth bonus 2022:274%
Forecast of the growth bonus 2023:430%
Average annual profitability of the current token *: 203%

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