MetaHash – Next Generation Network Based on The Blockchain 4.0

MetaHash – Meet the novelty-sensational project Metahash, which has a strong place among the largest blockchain-systems in the Russian and world markets. Metahash is the one-of-a-kind synchronized circuit based on the Blockchain 4.0 technology. The unique digital platform for the exchange of digital assets was launched this year. The innovation of the program is that users of Metahash can create and manage decentralized services online.

What is this project and how does it work?
The system consists of 4 components: Tracechain, Metaapps, Metagate, Metahashcoin.
 The first Tracechain provides the flagship speed of the network and it is safe to change or change the stored information is impossible. Compare: If the Blockchain system known to us produces up to 12 transactions per second, then the Metahash project, which also has a high level of decentralization, is able to produce from 50000 to million such operations. Surprisingly, the transaction time will only take 3 seconds.

 The second component, the cloud service for “smart” applications Metaapps, is necessary for the isolated and reliable operation of any full-fledged programs. At the same time to affect the functionality of the application, as well as to distinguish Metaapps from the usual programs or sites, will not work.

 Metagate developers have called the “gateway to the decentralized Internet”. What does that mean? The main distinguishing feature of this link is open source, which allows developers to have access to embed new pieces of code into already created applications and browsers. Among other things, the program includes the option of the multi purse.

Finally, the final component of a successful network is its own self-financed system called Metahashcoin. It is intended for payment of transactions, data warehouses, public addresses, and listing, as well as for advertising placement.

What are the advantages of the platform?
The advantages of the Metahash system are obvious:

Daily transactions at high speed;
Low Commission for users (first of all, it is necessary to prevent spam and overload of the service);
“Money protection” of purses from hackers (for this purpose the additional stage of verification is introduced) and Token of any asset – including, cryptocurrency of other networks;
The platform uses Forging – a new kind of mining. Its resources include network servers, meta gate purses for data storage, and metahash coins, which strengthen consensus forces.
The project is currently running in test mode and operates on virtual servers in Europe, Asia, and America.

ICO project and information about the MHC token
MetaHash The number of tokens in the launch period (scheduled for the second quarter of 2018) of the ICO Round A-920 million MHC. The cost at this stage will be 0.0391 USD, but the next round is doubled. ICO round A will last until the full sale of the entire round. Despite the fact that cryptocurrency can be transferred from the Exchange, only Ethereum (ETH) is accepted for the purchase of tokens.

Metahash Project
MHC token symbol
ERC20 token type
Ethereum Platform
Number of tokens for Round A 920 million MHC
Token value on ICO 1 MHC = 0.0391 USD
Accepted means ETH
The tokens are distributed as follows: The majority (33 per cent) is allocated to the advisers and to the royalties of the authors, 22 per cent will go to the reserve, the same share is paid for advertising and product development (16 per cent), the remaining 13 per cent is allocated for the development Business.

Metahash Project Team
An innovative approach to the creation of a new blockchain-product could not fail to gather around an ambitious and experienced team: the names of Gleb Nikitin and Anton Agranovskogo are well known in the circles of game developers. Among the most important employees are Oleg Romanenko, the architect of real-time services Adsniper, behind which the experience of creating a high-load network library; Mikhail Zarutskyy, responsible for processing millions of questions in real time (his main brainchild-machine learning system razoom); And Sergey Railean, planning the scheme of interaction of different systems and interfaces.

It is worth mentioning the advisers and consultants who provide a great support to the project. Scott Walker is a significant contributor – he is one of the most recognized and knowledgeable investors in the world of cryptocurrency. The American colleague of the new network is an entrepreneur, co-founder of Blockchain Capital and head of Bitcoin Foundation Brooke Pierce (Brock Pierce). The partner from China was Liu Jubo (Liu Jubo), the current Secretary of the Leaders Summit and secretary general of the Digital Federation. His possession of diplomatic art is highly valued both at home and abroad – in the autumn of this year, the pre-ICO events of his speech touched upon the topics of strategic communications with investors in the Asia-Pacific region. There are advisers from Russia-Alexander Rugaev, who has long been familiar with online marketing and e-commerce in general, experienced managers Anatoly Smorgon and Sergey Sergienko.

MetaHash In my opinion, it seems obvious that the Metahash system expects a promising growth from the moment of launching all rounds of the program. The fact that the key component of the Tracechain network is built on the routing protocol already indicates that the company has emphasized the use of artificial intelligence for the fastest transmission of the signal. This is an innovative step that has already launched us to a completely new branch of blockchain systems development.

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