MenaPay – Crypto made easier Than Cash

MenaPay – Everyone knows that banking organizations in Africa and the Middle East are poorly developed. However, the population of these countries, of course, would like to receive a convenient tool for financial transactions. The Menapay project is designed specifically to solve this problem – it is a payment application for mobile devices with support in the Arabic language.

The project plans to actively enter the markets of 18 countries, which live 420 million. Potential users. 75% of the full revenue of the platform are distributed among the homeowners of Menapay

Perhaps the main advantage of the system is the promise that a single system token (Menacash) will always be equivalent to one U.S. dollar. Full binding to the exchange rate of the dollar makes it a reliable means for payments, settlements, and storage. At the same time, Menapay will be able to offer simple and convenient solutions with well-developed interfaces for the Arabic language. Unique SDK, desktop and mobile wallets, user-friendly control panel for sellers will be developed and implemented.

What opportunities does the platform give us?

The project states that it creates a completely new standard in Kriptoindustrii. Within the project, the following will be available:
— P2P-level transactions (between participants directly);
-P2M (commercial payments);
— m2f (Transactions between merchants and foundations);
— and mining will be available.

The name of the new currency is Mpay. Total in the system will be 400 million. tokens, of which 256 mln. will be displayed for sale. The token price during sales is 0.165 USD. per unit. Lower fee-5 mln. USD, top-25 mln. Usd. The project is registered in Dubai and is not prohibited anywhere. The exact dates of sales are not yet known, but based on the information in the roadmap, sales are scheduled in November.

How distribute all tokens?
— 64% on sale;
-16% share of expert advisors and teams;
-15% marketing bounty;
-5% Mining reserve.

Distribution of investments
-10% pool of business development;
-15% operating expenses and administration;
-30% product development and infrastructure costs;
-5% legal issues;
— and another 40% will be used for marketing.

Site and documentation
The Project website is out there in 3 world languages – English, Chinese and Arabic… The design is very beautiful, qualitatively worked out. Here are the answers to all the questions that may interest the investor. All links work. In the lower right corner of the screen, there’s a mini chat support. MenaPay  Also on a site, the 2-page presentation document is presented.

The project was not afraid to put all of its employees in the network. The site contains 40 members of the Management Board and 24 members of the Working Group, all of them have links to profiles in LinkedIn.

Social networks
At the moment the project enjoys a relatively good popularity among users and continues to actively develop success. To date (August 19), in the official telegrams group-15935 participants, Instagram-2305, Facebook-3685, Twitter-15300, Youtube-8536. Active blog in Medium.

On the campaign of Bounty programs allocated 500 thousand. The campaigns began on 17 August and will be held for at least 8 weeks. Distribution of funds:
-15% Pool Twitter;
-10% Video for support in FB;
-10% support pool in telegrams;
— 25% of the blogosphere and media programs;
-5% of the translators ‘ campaign;
-35% subscription campaigns.

Road Map
Running the application, all systems scheduled for September, and the major sales will be a little later in November. In January 2019 the merchant will be connected. In April it’s planned to launch face recognition technology for a further level of dealing security. And, already in May, the project plans to reach 5 mln. Users! In June, the overall market of the system should reach a mark of 1 billion. Usd. In December the company will launch the possibilities of P2P lending and will include in the work of AI.

Conclusion :
MenaPay  The company is predicated in the city (UAE), one in every of the richest cities within the world. A fairly large team of experienced specialists is working on its creation. It is too early to draw conclusions, whether the company will achieve the set goals, sales will be only in a few months

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