MEMORITY Data Storage Revolution on Blockchain

MEMORITY – Today you present a very simple, clear, and most importantly perspective Kriptoproekt. Meet this project ICO memority. Unfortunately, today the storage of information in the network is not quite safe, and this is a very big problem for all Internet users and all kinds of companies around the world. And a lot of created projects, ideas to solve this problem. And the project Memority, aims to create new conditions and ways of storing information.
The project was developed in Estonia under the direction of founder and executive director Ilya Ratovskim, as well as technical director Stanislav Rubtsou. They together with the rest of the team’s developers have invented and created a decentralized blockchain-platform memority, which will serve as the most reliable for today the center of storage of valuable information data.

What are its features?
The platform is a decentralized storage system that stores information in multiple locations (computers) encoded. This storage method has the least chance of partial or complete data loss and counterfeiting.
This is the main thing that Memority offers.
The data will be encoded using the user’s personal key, meaning that only the user who owns the data can view the data, and even if there are multiple copies, no one else will be able to access the data. By storing data on multiple computers, it is guaranteed that the data will not be lost, even if a copy of the data is inadvertently corrupted.

There are four main users in the system:
1. Data owner-users who store data on the platform and use storage space. They will pay for the services by using MMR tokens.
2. Hoster-Provides a storage space for the system and receives MMR tokens in return. Data owners can also be partnered.
3. Third-party developers will be able to develop their own ideas and applications using the platform provided by Memority and will receive MMR tokens for their development.
4. Miner-Users who support the health of the base block on which the platform is based are known as miners. They will receive MMR tokens for their efforts, and only 10 000 users can become miners.

How does the platform work?
When the data file is loaded, the tracking points are executed:
-Select the necessary hoster. Typically, more accessible and more bandwidth is chosen;
-The copies of the files are sent to the selected hosters, the download time and the Hosters address are entered into the smart protocol so the copies are created in parallel while the file is added to the selected primary hoster using the primary monitoring system. This process is fully automated.
-After forming a copy of the secondary monitoring system, which checks the number of copies of the first system and, if necessary, restores files.
-The primary monitoring system checks the validity of files six times a day and, if necessary, restores missing files.
-Hosters are given incentives to stay in the system and maintain their Internet connection. It is also possible to get a fine if it is not implemented.

Ico. Highlights.
The platform has its own MMR token, which is designed to move within the platform.
Token: MMR;
Platform: Ethereum;
Type: ERC20;
Total number of tokens: 1 500 000 000 MMR;
Main sale: Start 31.05.18 end of 01.10.18;
Price: 1 EMT = 0.1 USD;

May 31-June 30 15%
1-30 July 10%
1-31 August 5%
Possible investments: ETH, BTC, LTC, Fiat;
Maximum fee: 85.5 million USD;
Minimum fee: 5 mln USD;
Country: Estonia.
Tokens are distributed as follows: 53% sale of tokens, 15% team, 15% investors, 10% reserve, 4; Pre-sale, 2% Bounty, 1% first miners.


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