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MeetnGreetMe Whether you need help organizing a bachelor party outside the country? Or do you want someone reliable to meet your parents at the airport, helping carry luggage and support along the way during your stay in the city? Or maybe you need someone to help you order the hottest night spot and guide you through the city night life?

MeetnGreetMe is designed to provide customer-centric services that are tailored to the needs of tourists and make the travel experience a totally personalized manner around the world. This is a core value of all interactions that are built around.
MeetnGreetMe platform provides the infrastructure for the creation of value and allows the exchange of value between the participants, setting the rules of access and use to ensure that the desired interaction is encouraged and unwanted really eliminated.

MeetnGreetMe TO-BE
MeetnGreetMe dealing with people from all over the world. We ensure security, trust, transparency, easy access to the training and support that are essential for scaling with the right speed while improving loyalty and maintaining service quality remains high. Community involvement in this process will contribute positively towards the trust factor because each application will get a dose of attention necessary to ensure confidence.

Blockchain, probably because the technology allows crowdsource curatorial process platform which is a sensible way to run a business peer-to-peer global. Adapting blockchain technologies will allow MeetnGreetMe with the means of its own — MeetnGreetMe crypto-token — to give incentives to contributors and appreciate the activities related to the growth and development of the platform.

WelcomeCoin As A Right
WelcomeCoin holders exclusively entitled to the following rights:
The right to participate in the development of the platform, vote on questions related to budget allocations, business development, and does not include the addition of new features. This right is available for 10% of users who have the greatest number of tokens.
The right to participate in the vote on questions like: give the prize to the user with the best performance, the evaluation of initiatives that go in and push their generators, etc.
The right to use the platform and to directly participate in them for the purpose of further development and gain an advantage over their efforts.
The right to access the community event.
The right to get a discount for MeetnGreetMe service, and service partners.
The right to play the role of elected (MeetnGreeter, curator, business developer, etc.) And given the award for it.

WelcomeCoin As Currency
Paid Advertising
WEL can be used to place targeted ads on the MeetnGreetMe platform, including blogs. Before the advertised product, service and place first of all needs to be proved by the local community. We are considering adding an opportunity to pay for services MeetnGreetMe in the WelcomeCoins in the future

By combining the interaction of peer-to-peer and advanced analysis, we aim to produce an offer very personal behaviour-based and changing travel experiences into an experience that personalized really around the world.

Real solutions with tangible results
1003 Request
MeetnGreeters from around the world have received numerous request services from 1003 tourists.

724 Verified MeetnGreeters
Local people who can be trusted to make travel really personal experiences and help travelers save their precious time.

273 Kota
Today MeetnGreeters is happy to lend a hand in over 270 cities around the world.

7% of the average monthly growth platform
MeetnGreetMe continue to evolve to ensure that the MeetnGreetMe service is available right where you need it.

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