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Do you Party-goer and want to Tip the employees? Are you going to offer a glass to a friend with a mobile application? OutMySphere mobile app available on iOS and Android allows you to visualize the bars, cafes, restaurants and many more establishments around you, to visualize the people who in their romantic situation, and contact them . MeeTip is a cryptocurrency that will be used through OutMySphere.

With MeeTip, you will be able to offer drinks to friends, colleagues and jodohmu; and employee tip of your choice for each institution. With this application, you will see who is in each establishment and You will be able to interact with them. OutMySphere is a hybrid project that mixed crowd of measuring and meeting.
With OutMySphere make Your outing more crowded by the
1. look around your establishment include a Bar, restaurant, coffee, Casino, discos and fitness gym.
2. knowing in real time the number of people present in the formation of choice as well as their name and image.
3. identify if your Facebook friends present in an establishment.
4. quickly find your favorite establishment with a menu of ‘ favorite ‘.
5. using the encrypted service that gives you the possibility to chat with other people who are present in the same formation as you ordered.
Are you also a bar owner, restaurant or night club manager who thinks the system decentralized tip is a good idea? And want to display your menu in OutMySphere? Then OutMySphere is the investment projects should be merged with bar, restaurant, night club or gym
Currently, the app account for more than 95% of the Bar, Restaurant and coffee around the world at OutMySphere.
The customer area is accessible to every owner of the company is to be created. The owner of the Agency will be able to claim from mobile applications, mail will be send containing unique codes that should be entered in the OutMySphereto turn on their customer’s area of.
This area will allow Bar owners to show prices in MeeTipof ‘ friendship ‘ and ‘ cocktail cocktails of love ‘. When ordering, the establishment will immediately see consumption ordered, first names and photos of people who ordered and the beneficiary. All purchases will be shipped first glasses through the master account is controlled by the OutMySphere, the cost of 1% will be taken, and the rest will be forwarded to the formation of MeeTipwallet.
With this, bar owners, restaurants and cafes will be able to register their employees so that they can receive tips from OutMySphere users thanks to MeeTip. This will encourage all employees at this place using the OutMySphere to receive these tips and promote them to clients. Payments are made directly between the MeeTip OutMySphere wallet users and employees, so without intermediaries and without cost.
In addition, it will also allow the owners of various types of plants to showcase their menus as well as their prices.
In the beginning, just a love and friendship cocktail cocktails will be offered for payment with MeeTip at the bar. After that, the bar manager and even restaurants and cafes will be able to sell all their consumption into MeeTip thanks to the menu that they have the information, thus the orders and payments will be fully decentralized.
A unique feature of the OutMySphere mobile app is the virtual rings shows the status of the sentimental people who surround you. Visit download the mobile application to try yourself.
Wouldn’t it be fun to be part of a project that will make your life more beautiful with love in just at your fingertips?
MeeTip dompet will contain your coin and will be accessible from any web browser. In addition, the wallet will be assigned to each user of the OutMySphere in the app to take full advantage of the functionality of drinks and Tip. MeeTip dompet planned launch in may 2018. However, the ICO project is around the corner for you to invest in this promising project.
All MeeTip are OutMySphere make through fees and that bar owners receive after selling glasses that will be sold through OutMySphere. MeeTipwill sold to ETH, BTC or through the EUR/USD from credit cards. The level of MeeTipwill into three day high last + 1%. This will ensure the emergence of a constant MeeTip price.
Once the bar owner has sold MeeTip, he can keep the cryptocurrency buyer or ask for the conversion, he would then pay for it via a wire transfer.
What makes OutMySphere a good investment is; The amount of money MeeTip be limited to 30 million and further coins can not be created because of the strict laws of smart contracts.
All the coins were sold in the ICO and ICO main will only ever MeeTip in circulation. After the OutMySphere is complete and integrate MeeTip coins
Because repurchase programs, the possibility of MeeTip entered the market bullish after high-foreign hits. If the bullish trend sticks, MeeTip price should continue to improve.
Bonus levels are offered for each period of the ICO. For contributors, participating in the ICO that means he will receive a base rate 1 ETH = 600 MTIP plus a bonus that is currently in effect.
Be the first to have MeeTIP @ and join the revolution was about the gatherings and tips.

ICO Presale will start on 17th November 01:00 2017 BST and will run for 4 weeks until December 15, 2017 01:00 GMT. We only accept the ETH currency. There will be some bonus allocation for ICO, the bonus will be divided into four parts;
First day 1 ETH = 800 MTIP
ETH 1 1 week = 750 MTIP
Week 2 1 ETH = 700 MTIP
Week 3 1 ETH = 650 MTIP
1 ETH = maximum MTIP 600 sold ICO: 27 million transaction amount Minimum MTIP: 0.05 Minimum goal: 50,000 ETH MTIP.
Your investment funds will be used by the team project to raise money to develop OutMySphere.
-First, some of the funds will be used to continue rebuilding the application in the language in iOS and Android and enhance the design to make it more ‘ friendly ‘. Then, integrate the wallet to the application to enable the ‘ Drinks ‘ and ‘ Tips ‘. Some new developers will be employed.
-In addition, with the establishment of marketing solicitations will be allocated with some funds raised. Targeted advertising campaign on, aided by the Proxistore (see Advisor) to reach the owners of bars, restaurants and cafes. Promote mobile applications on different media such as social networking and TV commercials will consume funds investment.
-Finally, replacing the database DB blockchain company with Mongo Bigchain DB to decentralize data storage.
Read more on the project @
A dedicated team led by CEO Tigran ARAKELIAN is o sure success projects involve yourself in.
Tigran graduated from Lille University with a Master’s degree in Digital law. He has created and managed several fish & chips restaurant and bar before launching
OutMySphere. He will be responsible for project management of commercial
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