MEETIP – Decentralized Drinks Ordering And Tipping

MEETIP crypto is the currency that will be used in OutMySphere as a means of payment in the restaurant or bar, with MEETIP you don’t need anymore to the cashier for payment.
With MEETIP you can offer drinks to the family, friends, even your boyfriend and you can also give tips to employees that you select by using the MEETIP.

The level of pre-ICO: 1 MEETIP = 0.0011 ETH (33 cts)
ICO level: 1 MEETIP = Anta 0.00125 & 0.00167 ETH (37.5 50 cts & cts) * 1 ETH = $300

Features Of MeeTip
Features Meetip has 5 features with amazing features, of course, Let’s see the 5 features the following:

We plan to decentralize completely by using the existing blockchain applications. All data will be stored in blockchain in the fourth quarter of the year 2018 and will replace our MongoDB database, as set forth in our roadmap. MeeTip dompet will contain your coin and will be accessible from a web browser. In addition, the wallet will be given to each user in the application of OutMySphere to utilize the functionality of drinks and Tip. MeeTip dompet planned launch in 2018.
Messasing service lets you chat with people around you and your friends. You will also have the ability to immediately send MeeTip to them. To protect privacy, message encryption end-to-end will be integrated. With this, only you and the person you communicate can read what is posted, and no one in between, not even us.
The function ‘ Drink ‘ that can be used in places like bar lets you offer a ‘ cocktail of friendship ‘ to your Facebook friends who are in a bar, and also offers a ‘ cocktail of love ‘ to the man or woman you care about when you are in the same place. The person concerned is free to accept or reject the invitation.
With the functionality of ‘ Tip ‘, you could give a tip to the employee of your choice, whether it’s a waiter, energetic or even the Cook. Just click on the establishment where you are, choose the desired employees and pay the amount you want with your wallet which contains Your MeeTip. In practice, this immediately and free of charge.
MeeTip Road Map

November 2017
We had pre-ICO 7 days, launched as 3 November and we will launch the ICO on 17 November for 4 weeks.
January 2018
Add Meetip to the Exchange platform (exchange targeted: Liqui and Crytopia)
February 2018
The release of the new OutMySphere the new version of the application. The integration of the customer area to the owner of the company. Mobile application marketing and bars, cafes and restaurants.
May 2018
Meetip dompet integration to OutMySphere to offer drinks and tip. The release of web based wallet. Add platform where MeeTip can be traded to OutMySphere.
Q4 2018
The replacement of our MongoDB database by blockchain BigchainDB to fully mendesantralisasi the data.

The contribution of the
Bonus levels based on ETH:

First day: 800 >> Week 1:750 >> Week 2:700 >> Week 3:650 >>Week 4:600

Contribution : 
Send MyEtherWallet from MetaMask, ETH, Mist or from the personal to the wallet:
Set the limits of the GAS becomes 200,000
Do not send funds from stock such as Bittrex, Poloniex, Kraken etc.
Smart contracts we will directly distribute MeeTip while receiving the ETH.
To see Your MeeTip token, select code MTIP, 18 decimal and add these addresses:
Don’t send a lot of people started before the ETH.

Smart Contracts (Smart Contract)
MeeTip Symbol: MTIP
Maximum supply (hard cap): 30 million MTIP
Available for purchase: 27 million MTIP
Price: 1 ETH = 600 MTIP

The minimum transaction amount: 0.05 ETH

The coin is available only for Pre-ICO and ICO, no new coins to be made The minimum goal: 50,000 MTIP, if no contract is reached, the smart set to restore the investors.

MeeTip – Buy Back Program: rather than allocate MeeTip to the team during the period of the ICO, we will launch on the stock buyback program. In this way, MeeTip will be purchased with the BTC and not allocated free of charge to members of the team. As much as 15% of all outstanding MTIP will be repurchased by the company during the first 24 hours of the first stock exchange to help MeeTip entering the bullish trend.

Team MeeTip

Tigran Arakelian | CEO & Co-founder
Tigran graduated from the University of Lille with a Master’s degree in the field of Digital Law. He has created and manages several restaurants Fish & Chips and a bar before launching OutMySphere. Thus his experience in the service of the restaurant and bar that inspired the idea of OutMySphere.
Tigran will be responsible for the commercial management of project OutMySphere, especially in relocating companies and trade negotiations.

Narek Mkrtchian | Co-founder
Creator of the dating site community. He has been working on the preparation of the report about the evolution of IFOP dating site and its impact. Narek was the first version of the mengode OutMySphere in C # by Xamarin.
He will support commercial projects in the management of Tigran OutMysphere, particularly in Russia market.

Paul Anyan | Lead Developer
Our main developer He has been working as a Java developer & Swift. He’s also the admin server and manage database MongoDB. After recently getting to know Solidity, he audited the contract smart us.
Paul is currently working on a new version of OutMySphere in the mother tongue, taking the main function of the project.

Anthony Collin | Java Developer
The last recruit, Anthony is a Java developer, he assisted Paul in the development of new mobile applications on Android. The study also discusses the integration of blockchain in the application.
UX/UI designer, he oversaw the design of new applications in order to optimize users

Maria Ilani | Head of Communications
Maria handles OutMySphere global communications, he manages public relations and business communication.
He benefited from an experience as a former Assistant to communications at l ‘ Oréal France.

Which wallet should I use to keep a coin MeeTip?
Because MeeTip is the standard token ERC20, it can be stored in a variety of different Ethereal based wallet like Mist, MyEtherWallet or MetaMask. We have plans to host a wallet for every user in the OutMySphere and web based wallet.

Will the coin exchange traded MeeTip?
We have prepared all the documentation required to be listed on the stock exchange. We are currently talking with the two exchanges registered and plan to at least one major stock one month after finalization ICO.

What will happen with a coin that has not been sold?
Our smart contracts are set only at the mint token while receiving the ETH. Therefore, there will be no remaining money that hasn’t sold after ICO is complete and total supply will be calculated by the amount sold during the pre-ICO and ICO.

Can I participate in the ICO with cryptocurrency in addition to ETH?
Unfortunately no. MeeTip coins are sent immediately via our smart contracts to address the wallet from which he receives from the ETH.

Will it cost to use OutMySphere and its features?
The use of OutMySphere will remain free. The function ‘ Tip ‘ is absolutely free, both for the sender or recipient. For the function ‘ Drink ‘, we wear a 1% for orders of glass, this fee is only paid by the company.

How Meetip have very wonderful isn’t it. Because MeeTip is a kriptocurrency that will be used to the AtMoSphere to offer drinks to the parts of the soul, or to your friends and give the tip to employees of your choice.

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