MediChain Revolutionising Medical Records and Healthcare With Blockchain

MEDICHAIN – Utility Tokens (MCU) is token utilities issued by Medichain platform with standard token ERC20. And the MediChain itself is a Big platform-medical Data. Where a system made and in proposing a team of developers. This system allows a patient can perform their own data storage outside the chain within a geographic domain, and give access to physicians and specialists in any network, regardless of the payer or EMR uses.

Medichain platform delivers new innovations in Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) by providing a free open source API for adding MediChain to the EMR anywhere without the barriers of regulation.
A platform at the same time be a solution in accordance with the needs of the patient, and medical researchers. This adds a new recording management system decentralized by using blockchain technology to manage authentication, confidentiality, accountability, and share data while storing data off-chain safety. The background behind his pitch on the MediChain is that all personal data has the value that it should have, at first, explicitly addressed to customers. Customers can decide whether they want to sell it in the form of anonymous, small sample to an insurance company or a pharmaceutical company, but it’s for them to decide.

The Use Of The Token
MediChain Utility Tokens (MCU) serves to represent the value of patient data blocks on the platform and can be purchased through the platform for the sale of the token. As time goes by token value is adjusted with the availability of token, data types, diseases, patient demographics and others, to reflect the market of buyers.

Voting Research Program
Token MediChain support regarding the creation of grants for research and intended specifically for academic institutions, health service networks, universities and scientists in a large high-value data collection to MediChain. Token MediChain Utility is used to select the focus of the research determines the future. The choice of voting is determined by the internal and external domain experts.

Personal Data storage and transfer
The entire patient holder token utilities will be able to store a pointer to the data for no charge on the chain of the ecosystem Medichain. The holder of the token utilities with more than 100 tokens given access smart cards to their own data once implemented, it is likely in the second year.

Personal Medical Data Service
An individual who has been holding the token utilities will be able to use those tokens to purchase medical services are delivered digitally, such as diagnostic services of the institutions participating in the system Medichain.

Discount Program With His/her MCU
The MCU token owned can be used for discounts on a variety of digital services as well as purchase a compatible device may include products like the Fitbit Fitbit Alta HR, Cardiac Monitors AliveCor as Kardia, Apple Watches like The Apple Watch Series 3 and a health kit related. products from partners. In addition it will also be used for a discount on a medical service including consultations and prescriptions in the domain.
Data Services Including institutional Medical Diagnosis
Any institution that holds the token utilities will be able to use the tokens to pay for and purchase a medical services online.

The Raw User Data
A medical data users who are still raw (scans, notes EMR, laboratory test results) including user. In addition to the value of belonging to a user, he or she has a financial value and is controlled by the user. This is stored on the cloud that meet the standards of a secure and decentralized systems are indexed by and do not believe to keep his integrity. There may be some sort of financial transaction or a token between the user and the provider of diagnostic devices to pay the data generation (for example to pay for scanning, measurement of BP, blood tests etc.). It is secondary. However, the raw data of a user exactly as owned by bitcoin on the buyer.

Interpretation and diagnosis
On this course it all comes from user data and provided by a third party such as a doctor, specialist or algorithm. Ownership is divided between the user and the agency that provides the interpretations. If users are sharing with, say, Harvard Medical School, the users allow it for free for publication and research. If the users share with the company digital diagnosis, the user will pay coins to get further interpretation of their raw data.

Structural Data
Identify data collection within the ecosystem blockchain that surely will be useful for developers of treatments, academic scientists, insurance companies, or anonymously through a cryptographic hash.

The token Generation Event (TGE).
Token MCUs available and on sale in connection with The Token Generation Event (TGE) will be allocated as follows:
Allocated with the maximum amount of as much as 6.5% for Pre-Sale
Allocated as much as 40% for general sales
Allocated as much as 15% to fund Partners
Allocated as much as 18% for Funding the team and Founders
Allocated as much as 6.5% for Supervisor
In the alokaskan as much as 10% to fund the growth of medical Data
Allocated as much as 4% to Bounty program
The price of a Token 1 MCU = $1

The token is not sold will be destroyed in
1.Description Of The Allocation Of Funds
2.Pre-Sale as much as 6.5 million MCU token will be issued.
3.General sales by as much as 40 million MCU
4.The funds received would have used to operating in MediChain during the next five years. It also includes the development, administration, marketing, financial and legal consultation.
5.Medical Data Growth Fund as many as 10 million MCU
6.The Fund for funding action that adds high value to the medical data of ecosystems through Research grants and the research groups of the Academy nonprofit.
7.Funding Partners as much as 15,000.000 MCU
For specialists of the future and future investment, as well as distributed among the partners and future subsidiary created to promote data retrieval.
Fund Founder as much as 18,000.000 & Team MCU
Those funds for the future specialist and distributed among the partners of the future, founder and member of the team, current and future, including executives of the future.
6.Fund tutors or Advisers as much as 6.5 million MCU
7.Bounty Fund of 4 million MCU

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