Media Protocol The Protocol for the Audience Economy Build and Reward Audience Networks

Media Protocol Good content is the key to successful promotion of any brand. But to gain fame, you have to involve too many people-the same PR-managers, marketers need to pay, which entails unnecessary costs. Now you can promote your own materials. The Media Protocol project will allow you to refuse to mediate in the world of digital content, improve the quality of created materials and earn money.

Now the engine of trade cannot be called television, radio or other kinds of traditional media. With the development of Internet technologies, all advertising has gone into the network and the main source of information for the modern man-the World Wide Web. Unfortunately, now it is possible to break into absolutely unfit materials which not only sometimes do not help to promote something, but also do not carry any useful information for the reader.

Good content at the moment is often lost in social networks, which control a huge part of the entire network audience. And the authors are left without a decent reward, their work is not valued by anyone. Plus, by publishing their finished product, they often lose their copyrights. Under such conditions, no matter what quality promotion cannot be a question, especially-independently, without experienced PR, whose work is worth a lot of money. With Media Protocol, It is possible not to involve PR-groups in cooperation.

Media Protocol-Blockchain is a platform that allows to completely reject the mediation in the “author-consumer” bundle. Moreover, it is advantageous, as they say, “Both ours and yours.” The goals of the platform are a worthy encouragement of the creators of materials and users, as well as the analysis of the quality of promoted content, which, no doubt, will make it better.

The creators of the materials will be able to publish their works directly and will make a profit without depriving of copyright, themselves will be able to pr their product. The platform guarantees the maximum protection of the content and its objective evaluation.

Bonus for the regular users the ability to earn tokens, just looking through the content on the platform. That is, referrals, reposts to social networks, evaluations, comments-the most habitual actions that are committed by a person every day-all this entails a reward if the author of the content wished. In this way, the user receives the information of interest (in this case-qualitative content) and at the same time earns. And the creator of content, in turn, participating in the project and owning tokens, gets the desired views. In this way, the promotion will take place at the expense of active users, without unnecessary investments and overpayments.

Interestingly, the cost of viewing content will depend directly on how the audience is interested in it, what traffic it attracts and a number of other factors. And it will be able to improve the quality of materials and avoid the emergence of new information debris.

Media Protocol itself is not an application, in fact, its product is a set of various tools used to develop software and decentralize a number of applications used to exchange different types of content. And within the Media Protocol-based applications, a local token will be the only currency.
Now you can try the Cryptocatnip pilot app available for download in Google Play and iTunes. Looking through the news from the world of cryptocurrency, already ordinary users can earn tokens.

The Media Protocol team employs 16 people, but despite the youth, the whole team is programmers with great experience and good education. Some of them also work for the company, which specializes in artificial intelligence and has developed a number of high-quality powerful platforms operating in the field of marketing.

James Tabor – the Executive director, has 10 years of experience in the field of advertising;
Thomas Graham, Martin Adams-co-founders. Martin graduated from Harvard Law School and worked as a lawyer at the Berkman Centre for Internet and Society specializing in intellectual property and the Internet economy. Thomas in his time founded MAPD – the fastest database in the world;
Mark White is a technical director, understands business strategies and says that any technology exists for the successful operation of the business, not the other way around;
Josef Sevchik-developer of Blockchain, formerly engaged in the creation and implementation of content distribution systems;
Katya Volkov and Julia Bohuckaja – scientific employees;
Sebastian Graham – responsible for research and strategy;
Gillis van den Brook, Mahmoud Hanafi and Ahmed Maran – developer of the Backend;
Sandra Lagarto – Product Manager.

Project Details:
Token: MRI
Start of sale: March 19, 2018
End of sale: May 31, 2018
Softcup (Hardcup): 29750 ETH
Platform: ERC20

So far, more detailed information about the media Protocol on the network is quite small, but you can get acquainted with it by visiting the official site or groups in social networks. The project itself is somewhat moist, but it is interesting and, without a doubt, will work, despite the parallel development of such products-competition is not to be avoided. In a number of rating companies, Media Protocol has already been rated quite high. Although the overall success of the project will largely depend on whether the creators of content would want to change the usual land of earnings and PR and use “local” cryptocurrency.

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