MAVIN – A Reward-Based Influencer Marketing Ecosystem

MAVIN is actually a currency based on two words, namely: maven and the influencers. Maven here-someone with knowledge or a good understanding of the subject. While the Influencers are people who affect or change the behavior of people.

Therefore, the purpose of Mavin is creating a global market in which the brand and the company (collectors) are gathered, as well as activists of the nano and micro (influential people). To this end, marketers benefit by attracting a wider audience with a higher level of participation. And influencers will be paid by marketers to name a few social networks, giving them the opportunity to participate directly in the marketing budget. Because we know that marketing is applicable not only to influential people who are famous, but also for every layman, because each person is also important.

From the explanation above, we find that Mavin is based on income-based remuneration, a decentralized marketing ecosystem based network blocks that connect marketers and digital agencies that have an impact on the micro and nano social network. Mavin quality check box enables the micro and nano scale targeting to a new level, offering a measurement of the KPIS and accident rate are obvious. Marketing flu is a form of marketing that focuses on influential people, not on the target market. It identifies people that affect potential buyers, and direct marketing activities are only around an influential individual.

Important people currently use social networking (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Blogs, Snapchat, etc.) To report their message to their followers.

Target Market Mavericks
Mavin platform bridges the marketers/agencies/brands and influential people. The two are joined together to create a market size of several hundred million dollars, with the distribution of around 90% of digital marketing agency by 9% and 1% of global brand focus on target customers, where the platform accepts the transaction costs based on overall marketing. the cost.

Marvin Platform
Influencer Mavin platform is an important factor for its user base, is a side effect. They promote the camp and received an award as a reward.

marketer is an agency contractor Mavin platform. They are choosing from various types of campaigns and placing it on the tender. They appreciate the individual who has an effect on the success of their participation.

Social media
Mavin platform supports social networking channels are the most widely used by influential people. Depending on platform, social networking messages will be evaluated for the quality of the image, the likes and comments to gauge the level of interaction.

Human Expertise Examination
Quality is a key component of the campaign. The award process is part of the quality assurance system of Mavin.

Blokchain Etereum
Based on Ethereal, Mavin formula block using the marker ERC20, supported by a network of Raiden for the ecosystem. Token MVN can be purchased and exchanged with the fiat currency.

MAVIN ecosystem
Mavin is different with other influential marketing platform, because the user base is in range of influenza a is very small. A typical Bout is struggling with a number of influential people that they need to be addressed and the awards-this is one reason why the nano-scale and mikrozashchitnikov smaller than their larger competitors. Mavin is based on block-based applications, with independent QA Systems-an approach that provides the basis for a highly scalable platform that is able to maintain a high standard of quality.

Mavin Token
Mavin technology Blockchain Etherum with MVN tokn. MVN Token is a token release based on Blockchain technology Etherken ERC 20 Token Standard and is used as a mechanism to give the awards to the participants of the platform. The token can be obtained by following the ICO of Mavin. ICO will start within 6 days 22 hours or November 22, 2017.
In addition to the token MVN, Mavin platform uses an internal rating system. Influencers get points for testing quality, contribute to the platform. The current design is based on, not on a standard 20 Standard Token because of the nature of their micro-transactions, and therefore the high transaction costs. What is the internal ratings system and the corresponding points of the network based on Raiden to use technology Blockchain Token tform.

Token Name: Mavin
Token Token: MVN
Marker/ETH price: 1ETH = 30,000 MVN
Number of tokens: 4 billion MVN
The number of Token Distribution: MVN 2.4 billion (60% of the total of token)
Blockchain: MVN Blockchain ERC20 use technology standards
The Minimum goal: minimum funding Target is 2500 ETH, but if the goal is not met, investors could return their funds.
Soft cap: creation will be closed while receiving ETH 20,000; Event token spread will remain open for 72 hours or until is reached
Hard hats Hard cover: Cover tightly closed if has received 80,000 Token distribution of ETH

Mavin will limit the issuance of tokens around 4 billion tokens that will be published to the ICO with the base price 30,000 MW to ET-1. ICO will be held from 22 November to 16 December, and markers will be sold around 60% to 20% of sales, for the effect of awards, 18% to the team and 2% for generosity and other programs.

ICO Token token pre-IMI
Pre-sales through the program Whitelist will run until the beginning of the ICO, from 19 until 2017. Participation in the program is ensuring a place in the future distribution of tokens and reduce transaction costs on the first day of the sale. marker at this point, you can also buy a token for currency or currencies parents crypto ETH others upon request.
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