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Mark Space is the ecosystem that allows users from all over the world to communicate with one another socially and economically, creating new content, consuming goods and services from other users on the platform. This project combines the idea and the most progressive technology, such as VR/AR, blockchain and smart contracts
Ecosystem MarkSpace modeled after real world economics and has similar features. Real world economy is dealing with production, distribution, and consumption of goods, services, diamana in a well-functioning economy, wealth is created and distributed further. The platform is designed to give users all the tools for VR content creation. The current prototype allows the creation of VR spaces, residential, residential and business office and mall, filled with designer furniture, interio, equipment and multimedia content that has been chosen, in the future there will be an option to add digital content user-defined articles, books, painting and music.
MarkSpace Problem
Production of VR content (games, videos, data, and more). Behind from consumption. In addition the VR could not affordable because the cost of the equipment.
There is a continuous demand for projecting a virtual commercial projects. But at this point it would be too cumbersome in terms of cost and feasibility to make full-scale virtual store. In addition, the merger of the project does not need to be questioned again
Request for use of alternative capacity miner remains warm this industries issue.
Popular social community and its ad revenue have and maintained by one person
many companies blamed for speculative demand only without supported with assets or even need a simple to use in a project
MarkSpace Solutions
MarkSpace is the open platform, allowing users to create VR content faster and multi-purpose usage
MarkSpace has managed to build a platform along with the tools to launch commercial VR spaces quickly and not expensive
MarkSpace can create content for platforms in existing mining capacity
If you are the maker community MarkSpace you can choose among three types of union bosses, or community stakeholders. This allows the public to allocate management roles in the same section and split the income
MarkSpace token is the currency of the internet, users and business units can sell goods, suits and other physical or virtual
MARK. The SPACE is designed palform open, allowing users to make the contents of each. of course with a more affordable financing and with facilities that are more complete.
as far as the iii we have managed to create content that is able to … with the integrity of you as a user. communication needs that are not limited on aktfitas ssial, but including the social activities.
for users who prefer a community activity, mark. space also gave the opportunities provided in it i.e. processing community: the “Boss”, “Union”, or “Stakeholders”. It allows the user to update the actualization a management role and do revenue sharing.

January-may 2015
Launches the first E-commerce project on platform (fashion E-commerce)
June 2016
Launches Alpha version for Private, business districts and communities
June-July, 2107
The development of the concept of a decentralized platform marks. SPACE
August-September 2018
The study of solution implementation platform to blockchain marks. SPACE
October 2019
The announcement and launch of the pre-WP ICO November
The launch of ICO 2020
ICO MarkSpace
MarkSpace now are in pre-launch stage i.e. Ico was established on October 31, 2017and Ico MarkSpace will begin on november 21, 2017 and ICO are scheduled within a month
Like the others, MARK. The SPACE has its own MARK token (MRK), token utilities that are used as internal currency.
Token MK. allows all users to sell and buy the unit and object VR, consuming a wide range of goods and services use, pay salaries to their employees and purchase advertising to promote their business through the platform. Miners GPU that will render the VR spaces and objects for user platform will also receive awards at the token MRK. (conception of POW).
Sale Token:
Сlosed pre-sale — 200 mln tokens MK. (min 300 ETH)
Open the pre sales-Token — 250 ml MRK token
Tokens are sold — 720 million MK. token
Schedule Crowdsale:
Pre-order open Token sales will begin on October 24, 2017 and will
last until Nov 17, 2017.
Token sales will begin on November 21, 2017 and will last until 21 Dec, 2017.
Maximum transaction size: 30,000 000 MRK. (10 000 ETH).
Contributions will be received in the currency of the ETH, BTC and fiat.
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