Make All Your Viral Media from One Account

Make – It is no secret that the daily use of digital media is growing at a high speed. Now, perhaps, it is quite difficult to find a person who has never been associated with digital media. So, according to official statistics, almost half of the population, and to be more precise, 3 billion people use social networks every day, pursuing different purposes. Whether it is a means to communicate, or to view media files, or to save data, digital media has already come close to the life of the modern world.
For today, probably, everyone faced with the laborious process of search of the saved information in digital media. For example, photos, videos and other files, marked by you as liked are scattered on different social networks and have not long preservation on a network.

Now let’s imagine what it will look like with the MAKE platform. Absolutely all your favorite photos, videos and files you can sort and view again, being anywhere, from any device, using only a personal plugin.

MAKE-a high-quality media platform, created by users, which distributes their work throughout the network. The created make content is based on the technology blockchain, and in the work uses the conclusion of smart contracts, which in turn will provide complete transparency and security of operations performed on the platform.

With the help of make, the user will be able to save and distribute liked media in any application. But this is far from the limit of the platform. Thus, as the platform evolves, participants will be able to enter into agreements with different brands regarding the placement of advertising. This way, any user can benefit as a token issued by the MAKE framework.

The MAKE project aims to form new content, where the use of social networks will be much simpler and without wasting time on viewing ads for which the user does not receive any reward. Also, one of the fastest growing markets is the sale of files that are in the network. Through the integration of blockchain technology into each of the human areas, the process of selling digital assets has become safer than the previous model of market business.

Today, the digital asset market is one of the most profitable. For example, the daily cost of the files in question is spent billions of US dollars.

To implement its plans, the project team has launched on sale 2.5 billion tokens. The funds will be aimed at creating innovative tools that MAKE it a powerful, competitive company.

Project Team
Specialists from different industries worked on the development of the project. Thus, the General Director and the founder of the project is a graduate of Northeastern University-Nick Johnson. Nick managed to gather good specialists from all over the world and unite them into the strongest team.

MAKE Company Partners
It will not be right to ignore the MAKE partnership. Due to the multifaceted idea, the platform can enter into partnership agreements absolutely with any enterprise, providing them with advertising services. So, ShiftWear-the company, resumes the brand of clothes, with absolutely innovative technologies, will be based on a platform MAKE for the launch of the product on a network.

P.S. This material carries information only for acquaintance and is not my recommendation. I do not encourage you to participate in the ICO. Investing in any of the ICO must take into account all the risks. The author of this article has presented an objective opinion concerning the project under consideration and is not an expert in the field of blockchain technologies.


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