MAGNUS – Today, humanity uses robots as a labor that does not need rest, optimal weather conditions, wages, in general, is fundamentally different from the person who requires the conditions for his work, more whimsical, more demanding. Then why can’t you just buy robots for your work? The thing is that the robots are only programmed for a particular task, some bender, some twisted screws, someone glues details, etc. It is difficult to explain to the robot that it can do some more action, you need to reprogram, To create new codes and commands, not that man because he can simply say what is required of him. From now on, problems with operating Obespespecheniem for robots are solvable. I present to your attention, Magnus.

What does Magnus
Magnus-Smart and collaborative collaboration of people, robots and artificial intelligence, sensor networks and distributed equipment, as a single unit based on Smart Ethereum. With the advent of Magnus on the market began a new era in the development of technology, robots, business and thought. Magnus is able to radically change and show how intelligent systems can build and work together. The main goal of the company for itself is to create a robot smarter, cheaper, faster, in a word to improve today’s performance of robotics, working in place with other agents of their network. In the future, Magnus will be able to work with and connect to other chain blocks or future networks through the gateway. Also Magnus in the future will make the project accessible to external users, thanks to that already now negotiations with various networks are conducted.

Technical side
Magnus combines blockchain technology, robotic systems, as well as AI pools. These groups can work independently, that is, autonomously from the person, and the work is clear and harmonious between the blocks, which makes the work smooth and well-coordinated. This technology shows that the work of the city with cryptographic algorithms, this group can work as a whole, reaching agreement in specific circumstances and records. With decentralized management and principles such as security, resiliency, system integrity, blockchain technology is very effective in combination with robotic Swarmers, AI builders, and IOT hubs.

Human-robot cooperation
Development in the field of AI recently goes to a new level and in the last years very accelerated. An important factor is economic efficiency, the ability to handle a large amount of information. Artificial intelligence is not in place and signal processing technology, engine training has given push to the development of many popular technologies ranging from such as voice search, voice assistant, ending with the example of targeting online advertising. The creation of a smart decentralized platform is already happening and it has recently accelerated very much. AI will change the basic logic because there is a Google engine or IBM Watson platform.
Machines can handle a large amount of data, make complex calculate, run faster and better than humans. Now there is an epoch when the person and the robot can work as one whole that would get the desired results. Development does not stand still and AI can present you with many alternatives to choose from.

ICO Details:
Token name-Magnus (MGS) token value-1mgs = $0.66 Softkap (pre-ICO)-1000 Eth Hardkap (pre-ICO)-6.000 Eth
Hardkap (ICO)-30.000 Eth
After the ICO is finished, all unsold tokens will be destroyed.

Magnus token
When the question of the choice of the token was made, there was not a little research and they showed that the economic integrity of the company can support only the appropriate token. With the start of the token creation, the team found that it was not possible to find a suitable token that would keep the integrity company. If it is not possible to find a token suitable for work-you can create it, so in the world came a new token company Magnus Collective. The given token is capable to support the company, to help the project in development, to keep integrity collective, to achieve the set goals and goals.

To create markets that simplify transactions, guarantee access to the world and boost growth, you need original tokens that are consistent with the robotics, AI, and IOT markets. And we decided to provide our token platform for robotics placement-especially with the Table Top Robot Smart platform.
Project Team

MAGNUS  The project promises to be maximally successful at the expense of the experienced team, clearly set goals and direct road to their execution. At the moment you can support the project by going to the site and useful resources of the company by the links that I will leave below. You can also buy a company token, which is now sold with a good discount and predicted a rapid increase in its value.


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