Lynked.World – Our Driving Principle is to Overcome the “Trust Barrier” in Digital Identities

Lynked World is a platform for working with personal data and various information: securities, test documents, digital photos, recordings, etc. This information can be exchanged through platform gateways with a high degree of protection, That will provide blockchain, smart contracts, and cryptography. Components and principles of operation
The lynked. World ecosystem consists of the following elements:
 Digital identification and background checks platform;
 Digital wallet for storage and exchange of certificates and documents, which are checked blockchain;
 Application development platform with convenient customizable templates;
 Freelance-site-Job Portal.
Together, these components work on a simple algorithm: the user logs in, passes the verification process, and then uses the gateway to securely transfer information or digital content. Each user can create an ecosystem-based application. For example, you can create an application to issue public certificates or view medical data from doctors and patients.

What problems it solves
In a narrower sense, lynked World is a gateway for the safe transmission of sensitive or personal information that addresses the following issues:
 The absence of a safe and at the same time reliable system of identification of contractors when working on the Internet;
 No reason to be sure of the reliability and authenticity of the data if it is received from the network;
 Need for intermediaries if it is necessary to improve the reliability of work with personal data, which increases the costs of participants;
 The inability to access many types of services through digital platforms because of the unreliable nature of digital identification and related data.

Cases for clients
Authentication. The platform will allow conducting “360-degree” Verification of user’s identity. It can be used by institutions and organizations to verify and share data with customers without the need for any other tool or intermediary. Verification of data and documents. Authentication and accuracy of digital documents stored on the blockchain. It will allow users to send personal and/or personal data without the need for third-party participation. It will be useful for business, agencies, universities and medical structures, which by their nature can not do without mass mailing of important documents and information, so that it was safe, fast and, preferably, cheap. Simple Employment Practice/Academic check. lynked World can be used to confirm the employment of a person and/or his academic experience. Only, in this case, it will be simple, fast and at the same time for a fairly symbolic payment.

Token and economy
The ecosystem will use its own utilitarian token “lynk” of the ERC-20 standard. It is necessary to transfer “value” from one user to another. In particular, for such services:
 For the transfer of value in the provision of identity verification services;
 For the transfer of value in the provision of services for the verification of documents and certificates and/or approvals;
 For hosting services (e.g. applications, registration forms, etc.);
 To authenticate identity and digital documents obtained on the platform using internal verification services;
 For KYC services;
 For the reward of users participating in community events (e.g. job Portal jobs);
 For the payment of the lynked. World fee when using functions such as digital ID cards, attendance registration, etc.

Conclusion :
Lynked World The idea of the project looks decent. But lynked World is not the only one who wants to occupy this niche, so the development team should try to create a high-quality software PRODUCT and promote it in the market. As far as they can, we will know at the end of the year-the project team plans to finish the mobile application by the end of Q3 and get support 50 000 users.


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