Loyakk – Saves billions of Dollars Lost in Data Leaks, IP Theft & Contract Disputes

Loyakk – Friends, all the good time of day and today we have on review a new project-Loyakk Vega! Nowadays-during the Internet, digital technologies and high-tech systems, organizations and enterprises quite often face the problem of security and confidentiality of their data, data harmonization, dispute resolution, as well as Ineffectual and consuming a lot of time business processes.

Loyakk VEGA is the most modern enterprise-level platform, created primarily for decentralized and therefore secure interaction between corporate networks of different companies. The project is fully translated into the innovative technology Blockchain, which is able to fully solve the problem. Vega Business Relationship Platform technology allows you to interact in different industries as efficiently and quickly as possible and does not worry about security and privacy.
The main objective of the project is to rethink globally how business creates and enhances the value of a new decentralized economy through a wide network of partners, as well as channels and distributors around the world.

There is an experienced team working on the project, which has already set a goal and confidently goes to it since 2016! The jurisdiction of the company is in the UK. The team filed several Blockchain patents, worked on Hyperledger Fabric and Quorum applications, created a trading system of options on ETrade and a high-frequency trading platform in CMT and Pension. Business leadership has led to the creation of multi-billion dollar solutions and is organizing global marketing efforts in SAP, Oracle-Siebel, and VMware.

Loyakk Vega  Platform
It is a platform for decentralized business solutions that enable businesses to share data securely and efficiently within their business networks. The Loyakk Vega platform introduces the patented blockchain technology with the advanced capabilities of managing relationships with corporate clients to solve the problems of interaction of modern business in different industries. Loyakk Vega includes the most important components of the application and services designed to quickly implement the evolving technology of Blockchain and digital transformation, supporting the company’s vision.

Loyakk token
This is a Utility token that works on the ERC-20 protocol. A token is required to exchange information among platform participants.
• Token identification-lYK
• Total number of tokens-1 billion pieces
• Pre-ICO: February 24 – April 14
• ICO starts on April 15
• Current implementation-300 million pieces
• Number of tokens for individuals-60 million pieces
• Number of tokens for legal entities-123 million pieces (resale is not allowed)
• Token price-£0.50 (up to bonuses)
• Minimum number of tokens to buy-200 lYK
• Accepted currencies-BTC or ETH
• Hard tokens – for use by large corporate clients (resale is not allowed)
• Tokens for the team will be implemented after TOKENSALE.

Advantages of using Loyakk:
1. Confidential and secure exchange of information, cooperation, and interaction between business partners.
2. Provides access to relevant data of members of a decentralized network based on the context of identity, relationships, and business.
3. Promotes the safe, timely and accurate transfer of digital assets and values among partners.
4. Allows you to reach agreement faster and also provides multi-party projects using smart contracts.
5. Allows by the best verification and origin of data.
6. Ensures independent verification of all data and interactions between ecosystems by clients, partners, auditors and regulatory authorities.

Conclusion :
Loyakk Vega is a modern global platform designed for safe decentralized interaction between different industries and corporate clients.
The company uses the patented technology blockchain, which will allow them to get ahead of the competition in their environment, and it is pleasing! Let’s support the project team and pay attention to the product they are so generously willing to provide.

Website : https://loyakk.io
Whitepaper : https://loyakk.io/#white-paper
ANN: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2838562.0
Twiter : https://twitter.com/loyakkvega
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/loyakk
Telegram : https://t.me/loyakk

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