London Block Exchange & LBX Pay – the UK’s first Crypto Payment Account

London Block Exchange – Breakthrough of the blockchain technology significantly changes the understanding of money as a traditional method of payment. A variety of crypto-based currencies have begun to disrupt many areas from traditional banking to online payment processing. And today we can see the technology of blockchain and cryptocurrency as a whole more and more displace traditional financial world familiar to all. But still, cryptocurrency faces problems associated with the cooperation with the old-good banking system. London Block Exchange intends to solve this problem

LBX concept
London Block Exchange is a platform that serves to exchange fiat money and cryptocurrency in central London. LBX provides easy access to money markets for new and experienced members through products and services that cater to the needs of retail and institutional investors. LBX also supports 30 + pairs of fiat money trading and cryptocurrency, as well as provides direct payments to the UK.
LBX explained that its new service initially focused on the business sector. LBX Pay will be offered services to those who participate in the cryptocurrency industry-organizers of ICO, traders and investment funds. The service allows clients to convert Fiat to cryptocurrency without the need to transfer funds between accounts or service providers. After the development of the version for business, LBX plans to release a retail version of the service, which “will provide all consumers a completely new way to interact with their cryptocurrency.”
The service will allow users to manage all their balances, transactions and payments, including batch payments, through one application. And the company adds that for those with large volumes and requirements, there will be flexible access to the OTC server LBX, and from the first quarter of the 2019 year-access to the API associated directly with their account.

LBX offers pre-registration and premium-class users a secure, fast, seamless way to perform crypto transactions and comprehensive cash flow management through the Crypto LBX billing Account-which is Special multi-cryptocurrency exchange in the UK-which will offer access to a member in the Fast Payment service (in FPS reduction-a service that facilitates quick transactions) using exclusive account Crypto Payment.
Offering users the ability to convert GBP (Integrated cash Flow Management) to digital currency-and vice versa-this partnership reduces the main difficulty for the fans of cryptocurrency and newcomers. You can trade with confidence knowing that you have a level of security and protection associated with a British bank.
In July, the decentralized cloud platform DADI announced a deal with LBX to enumerate its DADI token, despite the fact that the listing had not yet taken place. The announcement also showed how LBX will use its own distributed DADI applications when the exchange starts its original coin offering (ICO). DADI Director General Joseph Denn stated in his announcement: “DADI technology will be used to feed the second round of ICO after our success is also satisfactory.”

Token and ICO
Token: Lbxu
Total: 250 million Lbxu
Available for preview: 100 million Lbxu
Hard-cap Presale: 100,000 ETH
Pre-Sale Price: 1 ETH = 1,000 Lbxu
Sources of information

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In general, I think that the LBX project is quite interesting and promising. The interest of the British to the crypto-world is constantly growing. The project will help to make the exchange of cryptocurrency more accessible for everyone, and users will be able to trade on the crypto-exchange, as well as display the crypt on pounds. I am glad that the project team is also concerned about marketing problems, which will contribute to their growth.

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